Tuesday, 24 May 2011

I moved, I have actually moved at last!!!!

A three month saga of decorating, putting the house on the market, the house selling on the first viewing not even being a day on the market, surveyor reports and finally the icing on the cake... my boiler breaking down a week before the move costing me a cool £1300 to get a new one installed!

Plenty of alcohol and sleepless nights and Im finally here...


I am yet to fully unpack my hobby gear and I have a few jobs to do over the next couple of months, so my blog may be still a bit slow until then.

After the last GW price increase I have decided to cease buying GW systems, so I'm going to focus on getting the armies I have painted, Daemons first then my CSM. Also I am planning an emo Escher gang and also building a small Warmachine Cryz force. I have the starter and the big metal warcaster guy that looks like an utter beatch to put together.

But here's to more gaming and more blogging!! (well soon at least!)