Friday, 30 May 2014

More Painted Stuff! Oznat, Engineers - DONE!


My painting mojo has burst a pipe and I just cant get enough! I'm now really enjoying painting the Infinity miniatures. They do provide a challenge as the scale is actually different to GW 28mm. All the details are really fine, small and twiddly. It can actually be off putting, but once you get your eye in its fine.

The other problem is my Ipad seems unable to take a decent picture of my models (I think because of the size of them). I don't want to blow my own trumpet (although I will!),  these genuinely look MILES better in the flesh. I say this because they don't look like my best painted models compared to other pics. But in the flesh I'm pretty god damn pleased with them!

Oznat (in game she controls aggressive Genestealer type monsters - called Hungries)

Engineers (fix stuff, disarm mines and blow stuff up!)
(Not pleased with these pics in the slightest, you'll just have to take my word they look better in the flesh!)

Next up will be a Zerat hacker, they kind of work like wizards or psykers in game, only they carry devices that can hack in to all sorts of things and do cool stuff. You have Hacker Vs Hacker battles all sorts. THIS GAME IS COOL!!! I cant emphasis it enough. I am now a Fan boi!

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Sogarat.... DONE

Got this guy done today... Pretty pleased overall, but I had a frosting issue with the varnish. Managed to fix it, but some areas are a little flatter than should be!

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Progress... Caaa-nt stooopp Buuying Minis...

Not a lot of paint work, Im still trying to figure out how to use my Infinity Morat Sectorial force. Alot of the strength in this force is the physical and close combat area. Its hard to get your models up and close in the system, but what these guys lack in fancy camo tricks make up for it with religous stubborness! The good thing is there is no one over powered army, but, for sure, some are a little more user friendly than others. The key thing is TERRAIN, this can swing an advantage back to the varying factions. My guys like it dense and packed so they can run up the battlefield unseen. Give them a more open battle field (and when I say open, its still miles more dense than 40k terrain) they can get shot to pieces by a more shooty faction...

I am just about about there with this force now, dont really need anymore units. (Until I start work on the vanilla lists! - basically I can choose any unit from the Combined army list not just Morat) I have these on pre-order and should be arriving today or tomorrow! woot!!!

I have also glued up these guys! Plus a Rasyat (air drop Bruce Lee guy) and some Yaogats...

Im also hitting the paints (will get some better pics, but the only time I get chance to take a pic there's no bloody light!!)

This is the Raktorak (cool flamer guy!) I did some OTT light source to try and claw some Anime look for them, I struggle to paint any thing out of dark and gritty so am after - gritty Anime!

Group shot!

Already started these guys!

I shall also be getting a crack on with the scenery!

Thanks for looking, and any pointers for Morat army lists tactics would be most welcome...

Hmmmmm new 40k... do I, dont I?... Not technically missed an edition yet although I only played one game of 6th!... tempted by the dark side....

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

I think Infinity is my primary system now...

Ive always been a 40k player, and dont get me wrong, I love the universe, models etc. But with all the crazy rumours, the two year shelf life, and the fact the few games I have had of 6th I found it a bit slow. Now I had 5th ed rules down, memorised and that always makes a system more fun, but I just havent found the want or need to scour the rules of 6th.

I actually got into Infinity as a secondry system to 40K, like a Spec Game, something as a fun distraction. Even though you use less models, the games really feel like they have some substance to them, you really have to think about what your doing. When I was a 40k regular, sometimes the games followed similar patterns (not to say I didnt have some great games - I did, some really good ones!). I just think 40k has turned into something Im not sure on anymore, and the cost.... wow the cost! I looked at doing a small WFB Esculation campaign my LGC, I started totting up these seemingly small monthly instalments.. I just thought nooo waaay!

Im not going all Hipsta, and my door is open to 40k, but it needs to be a different beast for me to be interested. and I will play some 5th ed games though with my gaming mates, if they are up for it... ooh and finish the Raven Guard... Every gamer should have a 40k force!

Anyway some newness:

Now I have been looking over the web for ways to improve my Morat force, and I think these guys may be the answer. The Daturazi can 5 man link team and auto hit smokes and are pretty hard to kill. The Yaoget are expensive spec ops guys that can see through smoke and are loaded with some cool weapons ( I also have the sniper so can 5 man link them as well). Finally the Rasyat is an airborn deployment and is basically bad martial arts guy.. so will drop in in behind unsupecting guys and do some Bruce Lee action... or shoot his Shot gun!

 This book is lovely! Infinity Campaign Paradiso, the writing is alot better than the other books.. Cant wait to do a campaign!!

Expect some heavy painting updates over the next month... want to clear my back log!

Thanks for looking!


(PS will show pics of my Weekend project over the next few weeks!)