Wednesday, 29 June 2016

AoS, love it.. I think GW has turned a corner!


As my hobby mojo seems to be ticking over at the moment I seem to have found myself moving back to the AoS project I started last year. Now when it was launched it was met with much hate from the gaming community. Understandable as people had huge investments in massive WFB forces. But really in my gaming circles the people who had such forces really had stopped playing and moved onto other systems such as Warmachine/malifaux.

Warhammer Fantasy Battle as a system and aesthetic never really did alot for me since day one (a LONG time ago!!). Gaming wise it seemed to be a case of shoving your big square bases of models into the middle of the battlefield for then a big dice fest where your square bases emptied of wounds. Now Im sure there is more to it as it did have a fan base and people do get excited about it! That's just my opinion..

Now in comes AoS doing everything opposite to WFB. Small force, ROUND bases, no points, battlefield scenarios, only four pages of rules and a complete new world with new fluff setup! If Im honest, the general look of the graphics from a starting point look so much more appealing off the bat. The fact you can pick up a box of models with your mate and go straight home and have a game without buying huge books of rules is a massive thing for GW, they have never allowed that much freedom. Great for young ones to get into the hobby.

But what got me fired up to get last years project back out of the loft...? This.. The Silver Tower.. Wow its a boxed game just as my nostalgia recalls from a golden age of dungeon crawlers and tightly packed boxed games! The £95 price tag is way to steep, but still, I sold off some minis and invested and cant wait to get it all painted and played with my family!

As for AoS, Im working on the starter set and am unsure on how far Ill take this, whether I go for one big force, build up two forces or stop at the boxed set. Ill get it painted and a board of terrain made up and see how much I enjoy it I guess...

I really like the look of whats coming out. The general's handbook really interest's me, giving you a point system (that works with the amounts of models you get in the boxes! so a base unit = 5 models and you can go up to 10), scenario linked play and setting up missions. I think I'll be buying that. Also the new Alarielle the Everqueen and Sylvaneth Models look fantastic!

Exciting times!

Thursday, 16 June 2016

New Hobby Space!


After four months of house renovations we have finally finished. One of the jobs done was converting a really tiny en-suite we rarely used into a cupboard/walk in wardrobe space as we lacked storage. As I was filling the shelves I realised they were deep enough to make a desk and the Siege cupboard was born!

It has a fully interactive entertainment system, all the tools and gaming aids close to hand.

It also boasts a clothes rack so you can try on a party frock or blouse without even moving into another room, an opening window for those flatulent moments, an ironing board with iron...

...and the piece de resistance... Artwork at low level that scares children...

...Oh and a box of old trainers with a variety of ladies shoes, formal and non formal..

Fun times ahead! In all seriousness, this is great news for my hobbying as it means I have a dedicated space. Since moving to this house having to get everything and put everything away either in the loft or somewhere out sight has been a royal pain in the arse!

So lets hope I see an upturn in hobby activity!

Friday, 11 December 2015

Fighting my backlog head on!


I have slowly come to the realisation I have got a stupidly large backlog of unpainted models. Now I would say this year has been an expensive hobby year. Mainly down to having a load of new gaming friends and getting caught up in new projects spurred on by a pack of excitable hobbyists!

AOS boxed set
Floaty rocks (stuff already bought to make)
2 Realm gates
Ophidian Archway
Battle of Calth

Raven Guard:
tac squad
2x Vet boxes
2x Sternguard
3x Drop pods
2x Storm Ravens
FW Libby
FW Korvydae
Converted captain
10x sniper scouts with Elysian heads

4x Yoagats
4x Roduks
1x Zerat sniper
1x Suryat
1x Raktorak
5x Fusileers
Umbra Legates hacker
Neoterra starter set
Neoterra Bolt box
2x Armbots
Aquilla guard HMG
PanO starter
Akila HMG

Now I'm not setting a time limit, but I have put a stop on buying more stuff. I have been away from 40k long enough for it to feel new once I get onto the Raven Guard. The GW stuff is going to be done in blocks starting AoS this weekend. I think Ill tackle the Infinity models by painting in between the GW systems to break it up.

The dream is to be able to buy a pack of minis and only have that to paint!

Finished this guy off last night.. picture sucks and the Dulcote is still drying..

Thanks for looking!!