Friday, 27 August 2010

And so it spluttered and coughed!

Ok I have been lax in updating with pics! I'll get on that this weekend! The truth is I haven't painted much and I would like to make a fresh start with a check list. I have had enough of army painting and I have listed my next 6 months and am going to update the blog with.

I don't want to sell my 40k Chaos stuff off so I really am stuck with getting it painted. I want to get all this out of the way so I can concentrate on making and building stuff for spec games. The first of which is going to be Necromunda ( I have Escher and Redemptionists). I want loads of sexy cool scenery. Also I will be helping my bro with making 3D Space Hulk.... anyway you get the idea...

These weeks don't include holidays, chrimbo or stuff I cant avoid (things my missus tells me I have to do!). Oh had a couple of gaming sessions and have decided to take a Wrath of Kan list to ToS so Im doing that stuff first.

I promise to take more pics of stuff!

Week 1
9 Kans

Week 2

Week 3
Tanks Bustas

Week 4
Big Mek

Week 5
Burna Boyz

Week 6

Week 7
LR x2
Rhino (to finish)

Week 8

Week 9 
10 xCSM

Week 10 
10 xCSM

Week 11
10 Zerkas

Week 12
10 termies

Week 13
CSM Lord

Week 14
CSM Big Guy

Week 15
10 x Bloodletters

Week 16
10 x Bloodletters

Week 17
10 x Bloodletters

Week 18
10 x Bloodletters

Week 19
Soul Grinder

Week 20
Soul Grinder

Week 21
3x Juggas

Week 22
3x Juggas

Week 23
3x Juggas

Week 24
3x Juggas

Week 25

Week 26

Week 27
Blood Thirster