Wednesday, 12 December 2012

I got a miscast Forge World Korvydae!

Im really gutted look what came in the post:

I rang them up about the jump pack, but I hadnt quite realised how bad the main bit was. I will show them these pics and hopefully get a decent one sent.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Spacin Joints!


Right I finally started these pappies. I built one and to be honest I was a little disappointed. I think SM have got a little dated looking, not very dynamic and kind of squashed. I searched the web and found that by adding a little GS to the joints including the head totally changes the look of the model - basically, spaces things out a little. I think it looks more dynamic and like the the 'rine has full range of motion. Its more obv in the flesh, and now I have this one out of the way I will make more exciting poses.

Still needs a lot of tidying mold line wise etc

 Oh and my Microsol finally arrived, should help with the application of those awesome transfers.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Vanilla Blood Angels for Raven Guard!

This is the list I think I like, please feel free to comment, its main aim is speed.

Jump Pack                               155

Ass Marines (10)
Power fist                                 220

Tac Rines (10)
Melta Gun
Plasma Cannon
Power Weapon
Drop Pod                                 230

Sternguard Vets (8)
Combi Melt
Combi flamer
Combi Plas
Power Weapon
Drop Pod                                 265

Scout Snipers (8)
Sniper Rifles
Heavy Bolter
8 Camo cloaks                         148

Land Speeder Squad (3)           150

Land Speeder Squad (3)          150

Land Speeder Squad (3)
x 3 Multi Meltas                         180

                                                                  Total 1498

I really like this list I think its fluffy and really hard hitting. All those deep striking units should be a real hand full I think. Land Speeders are annoying in ones so 9 should really be annoying. 

The tac and Stern are my central attack, the rest is there to support them or help them deploy safely, which ever comes first. I can spread the Multi Meltas out one in each squad if I fancy as well.


This list, again uses the BA dex and was made by Tim link

I like it, the LS are less in number but harder hitting:


8 Sternguard
3 combis, serg with power weapon

10 tacs,
Plasma gun, Heavy Bolter, serg with power weapon

8 scouts, snipers and cloaks

10 assault marines, flamer, serg with power weapon

2 speeders, 2 typhoon missiles, 2 MM's
2 speeders, 1 AC, 1 HF
2 speeders, 1 AC, 1 HF

Saturday, 8 December 2012

The Power of the Web!! A big Thank You!!


Im blogging  with the biggest, dirtiest hangover I have had for a long time (work do!) but aside from that Im making the extra effort to make a MASSIVE thank you to Neil, someone I have never met but made time and generously sent me the Raven Guard transfers. TBH its stuff like this that makes you glad to have a hobby like this. Been chatting over the email and yeah, another warhammer mate! Awesome.

This is link to his blog.

Despite my delicate predicament I might crack out the paints this aft.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Raven Guard Decals out of stock! Help!

Ok guys this may not seem like a big deal but I cant freehand army badges and I use decals to paint over. I emailed forgeworld and they said they are changing printers for the decals and they dont know when they will be back in. To me that could me never or a long time.

This pretty much renders my paint work useless as I apply decals at base coat level. I was planning on having a raven on each of the legs and all sorts. I cant even buy shoulder pads, there are some but they come in a set of five and you have to buy them with helmets, bolters etc and there isnt enough variety to put the whole army in them.

Not sure what to do now. bah

suggestions on a post card.


Saturday, 1 December 2012

Raven Guard - A lot of work, but Im ready


I wont bore you all with another 'Im back' post! But well, Im back! I have been fiddling around with my stuff and have decided to do a slow army build of Raven Guard. I like the fluff, I like the speedy stealth and more important of all I fricken love this model and want use it at all costs, even if that means Im not taking a Shrike list - at least I'll be different I guess! The idea is to build an army I can keep not sell and be proud of non rushed paint jobs. Im going to be using FW parts for the vets and fully kit out my infantry with FW beakies and shoulder pads. Also as the army is SM, they should always be reasonable competitive and if not I can easily change dex to BA/SW whatever as long as I keep it fluffy.

Anyway I'd like you guys to comment on my list before I take it to the forums as I know who is advising me. This has always been my weak point, but bare in mind I want lots of vets and that captain, but all crit is welcome even if you think it sucks! I havent got round to reading 6th yet so is based on what I know from 5th and a general idea that 6th likes infantry and shooty stuff as opposed to CC.


1.5K Raven Guard


SM Captain
Thunder hammer
Jump Pack

Fast Attack

Vanguard Vets (9)
4x Vets
Sarg Dual Light claws
1x Power fist
8x power weapons
Jump packs

Land Speeder Storm


Sternguard Vets (9) 125
4x Vets
combi flamer x4
combi melta x4
Plasma Pistol
Drop Pod                                  

Tactical squad (10)
x5 rines
Multi Melta
Plasma gun
Drop Pod


Scout Squad  (10) 75
two scouts 65
Heavy Bolter 10
Sniper Rifles
Camo 30
Telion 50


Scout Squad (5)
heavy Bolter
combi melta

                                                         Total: 1500

The idea is to use the Sternguard and tactical units as my central attacking units with the Vanguard unit supporting them both by coming on in reserve. The sniper scouts and Vindi are the backroom support, they can also sit on objective. The other scout squad in the land speeder storm is an extra utility unit I will use to either support or objective grab.