Tuesday, 3 July 2012



Long time no see! I have been away from the hobby to long, but I think the break was good, as I have got into cycling and stuff which I really enjoy, but he lure of new 40k was to much to resist!

I am approaching the hobby differently this time and am going to take my time with everything. Be it absorbing the rules, collecting and painting - no more rush jobs. My army choice will be based on model count and awesomeness. I like painting individual models so more characterful models with much less numbers is the way forward for me. Also Im collecting on a painted basis, when its painted I get a new box. Basically im taking away the bits I dont like about the hobby. I do want to get to a tourny, but if its not this year so beit!

Im starting off with a Draigo Wing list.... not sure on the full list yet as I need to take in the new rules and GK dex - see my plan i working already!

I sold all my Chaos stuff, just wasent getting on with it, but I will return to 'The Thirst' one day... no doubt!