Thursday, 19 June 2014

More green glow!


I went back to my sogarat, not happy with the blue glow, just looked, meh... I hit it with a green one to give it some va va voom!  Also I'm putting off getting on with the daturazi, they are so detailed and I want to do them justice... Anyway my sogarat... 

Oh and a better pic of my Yeogats!

Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Everyone should have a nerdy indoor hobby!


As the title suggest, I have had some bad news regarding my health, I have got a blood clot in my leg (Deep vein thrombosis). Now I am an active kind of guy, my other hobby is cycling and I like working decent average speeds around 20mph depending on if Im in a group and amount of altitude. What I  thought was a torn muscle has turned out much worse and I will be reduced not doing very much over the next few months.. Now the point of the post isn't a cry for help or attention, but pointing out that actually having a hobby I love that involves sitting on your arse whilst watching crap on tele (currently watching Appleseed as it's very Infinity looking!) is actually very helpful. If I didn't have it I would be very disgruntled and frustrated, and would probably be watching Jeremy Kyle or some home investment crappy programme. Now yes I'm still devastated I'm not doing the things I wanted on my bike this year, my mind is still occupied with stuff I like... 

My yaogets done.....!

On with the Daturazis now!!

Will take better pics in a couple of weeks...

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Infinity the Game, Yaogat... DONE (Except the base and varnish!)

This guy looks a bit shiny as I haven't matted him down yet.. pretty pleased with the colours. I have a full link team that I'm working on. They are like a spec op unit, have decent armour and most importantly Multispectral Visor... means they see through the Camo (think of Predator and his invisibility) and smoke! They are expensive to run, but I will give them a try out at some point. I might not use the full link, but there is defo a place for them in my lists....

I think I might start painting the odd Raven Guard model for completion later in the year.

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Infinity the Game! Zerat Hacker... you guessed it... DONE


Next out of the workshop ;) is my Zerat Hacker, apologies for the small photo. Im going to re-take some pictures for the gallery section at some point with a better camera.

I had a real struggle painting this one, couldnt get the hair right (im still not sure it is). I tried to keep it cartoony as it was looking to dirty as i had it originally.

Now this is exciting (although my gaming mates seem to think its a hairdressers/beauticians box!) I got this FISHING TACKLE box to keep the many counters in order with enough room to carry more than 300 pts force... This is another great thing about the game, not having to lug around so much stuff!!

Im having a game tonight I will post a bat rep tomorrow!

Thanks for looking!