Thursday, 30 December 2010

IoB box glued!

Ok spent the best part of yesterday putting together this set. This is just the kind of thing I would have loved when I was younger. I think these sets are awesome - great smell and loads of plastic! The only niggle I have is they havent supplied movement trays. Now I'm a WFB newb, but I still know that trying to move those models in units - esp the Skaven would but a pain. GW you tight wods put the movement trays in there!! Luckily my friend Drax has lent me some. I should have been playing today, but nurgles rot has set in at my house so Im going to paint that big mek instead.

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

My christmas haul.... and the return of my mojo!

Ok, sorry for the lack of updates, but I have been busy with stuff and since ToS I havent been able to muster up the will power to paint or do anything hobby related really.

But that is about to change, I have got some cool stuff for chrimbo with lots of variety so should keep me interested for a while:

First up though is going to be IoB as my bro is coming round tomorrow and we are going to fiddle the rules out. The set is really nice and the plastics are stunning - cant wait to get it glued up!

Also Im going to be re-doing my board. I want full bore snow and I will be adapting my terrain with that in mind and also building all the cool stuff I have picked up over the years. So 2011 should be a good year for projects for me!

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

I converted a Big Mek KFF!

After my ToS shinanaigans I have got to work on an extra Big Mek so I can run two Kustom Force Fields to try and give me a better chance if I draw DoW. I used an AoBR nob I got free from White Dwarf and stuff from my bitz box that I dont know what some parts are even from!

More pics of my army from ToS

Tim Davies (Link) was more organised than me and took more pics!! So Im just going to add the few more he took of mine, check out his other shots here . Well worth a look there were some awesome armies!

And this was one of the tanks from the best army - truly well deserved win it was amazing!

Monday, 22 November 2010

Pics from ToS and my opinion....

Sorry for the lack of updates, I was busy finishing my army for ToS which was this weekend. I'll start by saying I had a great time and I faced some cool opponents. But there were a couple of things I wasent happy about which I will explain after the pics!

Gaming wise I was a fail, but not all is lost as Im going to tweak the list and get rid of the shokk attack and add another Bigmek FFS. I shall be converting one tonight.

I ended up playing 4 DoW games which is horrible for my slow list and I need to be able to unbunch my stuff a bit so I can move up the table faster. The other Big Mek should sort this.

My stuff...

My bros stuff.. his blog here

And my good friend Tim Davis (sorry for lack of pics - they all came out wobbly!) His blog here..

As for the tourny, I did enjoy myself. The few things I would change are the random missions. I got four DoW which kind of spoilt my gaming a bit as it really hurts my list. The next thing is the best opponent. Either score every opponent with a good and allow one very good score per player. If you were up against an A hole then score them with nothing. Otherwise go back to VPs, as only being allowed to score one opponent is not fair on the final score. The organisation needs to be better, they got the wrong result of the winner, ran out of ink for the printer for the certificates (they did that at heat 2 last year as well!).

But as I say I had a great weekend as it was at Warhammer World and some really good games.!

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Dred - "DONE" (ToS getting closer!! aaaah!!!)

Finished this bad boy last night at about 11.30pm. Pics not doing it justice as theres a nice amount of pigment on the legs, but because of the odd position its really hard to light this thing!

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Big Mek Shokk Attack Gun - "DONE"

Pretty pleased with this guy - ties in nicely with my other stuff. Quite a few hard to reach places which was annoying, but pretty straight forward paintjob.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

My First Whine About GW Prices - Sorry

I am normally someone who cant stick whinging forums about people moaning about prices and how GW should run there company. I say if you cant afford something tough, buy what you can and enjoy that.

Having said that I was looking over the website the other evening as I had aspiring ideas to extend my Ork army into different clans. I don't know at what point I hadn't noticed where things have got so expensive... £23 for 3 warbikers? WTF that's £7.60 a bike!!!! I can afford it - but I feel its asking to much.

I am sorry to moan but I think they are taking the piss. I am normally someone who will buy an army in bulk maybe at a discount store, but I think that now they have broken the £20 mark on a lot of stuff, it makes little difference as even at discount stores its turning into something that's not really saving - its still buying something over priced.

I am not a tight money counting person in the slightest and am happy to spend money, which is what bothers me. If I'm bothered, then the stuff IS overpriced.

It is expensive always has been - but for me I'm out from buying new GW armies. I have enough stuff to keep me going for the next year painting wise and I will attend the tournies as I love it. But seriously I think I'm going to be looking for alternatives when I have painted all my stuff. Which I'm not that bothered about,  I just think its a shame.

Rant over.

Back on topic, My shokk Attack Gun Big Mek is nearly done... pictures soon!

Sunday, 17 October 2010

I HAD A GAME... and drew :(


Well despite the result .. I had a cracking game against Drax (Mark). We decided to go for my worst senario DoW and Seize ground with 5 objectives. We just decided to do it as I had a KP game and Pitched Battle last time which favoured me. I need hard practice for ToS and requested to do this.

The game was pretty even. I picked the wrong side as I wanted optimum position for my shiney new Lootas - but in doing that I skupperd my Kan deployent!!

Long story short I was beat really and should have lost - not because I played badly, but because I didnt think out my deployemnt properly. Drax is a good player and although he suffered a lot of bad luck (my Shokk attack gun took out Belial and his DS termie squad in one as I rolled a double 6 on strength and a hit on the scatter for one example!) the game was really tense.

So a draw but a clinging draw from my part.

Our ref ;)

Nice shot... sorry for unpainted dred which ruins it.... Notice the two Vindies in the background I hate them. As Drax deployed them separatley it split my army. I HATE vindies.

 My horrible deployment... See that rocky thing? Well I thought thats great for the Lootas. Very bad to deploy my kans as a big cover saved form my mek - thing. Bah

And my Lootas sucked. They rolled ones on the D3 ALOT. - but I see how they could be good...

Saturday, 16 October 2010

My ToS List Updated.

Wasent quite happy with the setup I had before, the rocket launchers were expensive and not reliable enough.... so I had a jiggle round and added some Lootas - 12 to be exact and I have now burdened myself more to paint! :(

Please feel free to crit my list, Im open to all suggestions.

(HQ) Big Mek

Shock Attack Gun
Eavy Armour
Cybork Body

(HQ) Big Mek

Kustom Force Field
Eavy Armour

(Troops) Deff Dred

2x CCW
Armour Plates

(Troops) Deff Dred 

2x CCW
Armour Plates

(Heavy) Killa Kanz x3

Grotzookers x3

(Heavy) Killa Kanz x3

Rocket Launchers x3

(Heavy) Killa Kanz x3

Kustom Mega Blasters x3

(Elite) Lootas x12

(Troops) Boyz x25

Power Klaw
Big Shoota

(Troops) Boyz x20

Slugga Choppas
Power Klaw
Big Shoota


(Troops) Grotz x15

                                                   Total: 1500

The plan is to run the shootas with the KKF big mek and give support to the Kanz as well as the all important coversave. The dreds have a more open role depending on mission type.
The other big squad of boyz is a fire soak. They will charge forward as fast as pos giving the opponent no choice but to target them.

The Lootas Grotz and Big Mek will provide coveing fire for the rest of the army and the Lootas can cover the Shock Attack Gun if they are sat on an objective - Grotz will provide wounds for the Big Mek and stop him being sniped.

Oh and I'll be testing this out tomorrow.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Better Pics of the Kans... I think...

Some better pictures...

Finally - The Kans are 100% Complete!

I feel as though I have been painting these forever, and I can now finally unveil them as done!

I pleased with them - i think they look pretty for me, ok they aint a best winner - but hopefully they will raise a smile.... Really dull dark day today and the pics are not great so apologies... may take some more tomorrow.

I have also changed my list. I have got rid of the Rocket launchers and added around 12 lootas... need to finalise my list. These are to give my shock attack gun some support.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

A Late One! (ToS is looming and Im pulling my finger out!)

I am on holiday next week and I really want to get through as much as pos before I go away. I decided to put the Kans down and just build everything I need so I can prime and just paint when it suits.

Unfortunately I was up till 1am and whilst building my dred I had to make some impromptu conversions.

1. I dropped the last exhaust whilst gluing it. I heard it hit the box below me - so cheerfully went to pick it up to find - nothing... absolutely NOTHING - GONE - AAARGH. After a few whispered swear words and searching - I noticed an Ork boyz sprue next to me and I spied a Big Shoota... put two and two together and hacked the barrel off and glued it in place... Great - but it looks out of balance with the others. So I cut off the first exhaust and made another out of the Big Shoota from the dred kit.... looks pretty good now and different form my 1st dred. Nice.

2. Then I moved onto the face mask where I was going to glue the tusks on. I glued a tusk in place and went back to the sprue to find the other one had gone! I couldn't remember if I cut it off at the same time as the other one... but could I find it NO!!!!

This time I was bah there is nothing I can do about this and just as I was about to use the other smiley face plate (I don't like that one) I remembered you got a couple of tusks with the BW kit!

Excited... I found them and luckily they fitted perfectly and look even better as they are longer!

3. As I had cut off the smiley face plate - I noticed it made a nice shoulder pad...

So unplanned, but I think it worked out OK!!

Then I built three Tankbustas I'm going to use as my rokkit launcher boyz... I like them as minis but cant see me using them as Tankbustas anytime soon so I may as well use them as this. Need to build another three...

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Making Your Own GW Washes

I saw a blog/forum tut a while back about using this Windsor and Newton Matt Medium to make your own washes out your GW paints. I decided I'm going to give it a blast, cant find the original article but from early testing you need to thin your GW paint with a bit of water and then double that with the medium, worked pretty well. The key is finding the right mixes as this stuff makes your paint more opaque so with a bit of trial and error i should be able to get some nice effects....

I never showed my WIPs on my Khorne LR, not even nearly done at all, but I was pretty pleased with how the FW brass etchings turned out. I had to use old school brown ink as the washes are a bit thick and to opaque if you water them down. I also used the last of my brazen brass not knowing GW had discontinued it, so not sure how my other brass etchings are going to come out!

Again its a million miles off being finished, I want this Khorne army to be my pinnacle paint job army... only trouble is I have seen those shiny new DE minis.. so these may have to back burner for a bit longer!

Friday, 17 September 2010

The Roof is on Fire! Another Kan... nearly...

Bah noticed some wobbly bits around the the light holes after taking the pic, so I need to go round them again.

Again needs basing - pigments - seal - blood and gore adding, but I will batch that when I get all 9 to this stage... phaaaarp.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Wahooo - Kan Progress!!!!

Not going as fast as I'd like, but I have done some more on the Kans. These are still PiP - need to base - add pigments - seal and add blood!

Im pretty pleased, Im going to plod on with them tonight. Also I made my ToS cover, which I will reveal nearer the time.... anyway pics....

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Ok Ok I'm behind already!

But in my defense I did make make my first week a tough one with 9 Kans! I also added some shoulder pads last minute that held me up... but I will keep log of my lost weeks and try and make them up. My other planned stuff is not quite as intense so I should easily keep up. Anyway progress... Im estimating a two week loss on these and they are at base coat stage with about 70% more work to do on them....