Saturday, 2 February 2013

My Final Raven Guard 1.5K List - SM BA allied

This has taken me a while to work out. Basically I didnt really want to take a full BA list as there are some traits that are a bit of a stretch. I like the Storm talon model and the rules look pretty good as well. I think think this is fluffy and Im going to devise some fluff for 8th company RG to explain the BA traits, should be pretty easy with the RG Geneseed.

TH, JP, artificer armour 170

8 sternguard
4 combis.
Drop pod 255

tac squad x 10
HB, PG, serg with powersword
Drop pod = 230

8 scouts
cloaks and snipers = 138

1 speeder, HF and MM 70

2 speeders, MM's and Typhoon missiles = 200

Stomrtalon, missile = 155


Libby = 100

8 assault marines
flamer and sergeant with LC and meltabomb = 179


The idea is to have the libby supporting the Sternguard and Tacs. Probably attached to the Sternguard. The Storm Talon is going to hang around the back of the board with the snipers providing cover fire. The LS are my suicide units that are going to aggresively take out vehicles or weaken hard units. The ass rines may hang back or support the tacs and Sternguard depending on mission etc.

Friday, 1 February 2013

And Im probably boring ya'll now!

But I dont care! Im finding it quite motivating to post a pic when I have completed a model!

This Kastoral-Novem campaign decal is helping to break up the black.....

Anyhow got this guy done, sarge next. Cheers.