Saturday, 2 February 2013

My Final Raven Guard 1.5K List - SM BA allied

This has taken me a while to work out. Basically I didnt really want to take a full BA list as there are some traits that are a bit of a stretch. I like the Storm talon model and the rules look pretty good as well. I think think this is fluffy and Im going to devise some fluff for 8th company RG to explain the BA traits, should be pretty easy with the RG Geneseed.

TH, JP, artificer armour 170

8 sternguard
4 combis.
Drop pod 255

tac squad x 10
HB, PG, serg with powersword
Drop pod = 230

8 scouts
cloaks and snipers = 138

1 speeder, HF and MM 70

2 speeders, MM's and Typhoon missiles = 200

Stomrtalon, missile = 155


Libby = 100

8 assault marines
flamer and sergeant with LC and meltabomb = 179


The idea is to have the libby supporting the Sternguard and Tacs. Probably attached to the Sternguard. The Storm Talon is going to hang around the back of the board with the snipers providing cover fire. The LS are my suicide units that are going to aggresively take out vehicles or weaken hard units. The ass rines may hang back or support the tacs and Sternguard depending on mission etc.


  1. Looks very interesting, I can't wait to see it all painted up in true mart style!

    Doesn't the allied part of the force have to follow it's own force organisation chart? (2 troop choices + 1 character)

    1. lordy, i thought it was one troop... need to check... aaaah

  2. Looks good man. Look forward to fighting it.

    And it's only 1 hq and 1 troop for allies.

  3. How are you visually going to identify the BA units if they are painted as RG?

    I think it makes sense, maybe bar the Libby. Not sure RG are particularly known for Libby's.

    Looking at that list, I would expect it to walk all over my Logan wing. It's too fast for me to keep up with.

  4. The BA is a bridge to make a fluffy RG list. A lot of RG players use pure BA which im not sure fully works. Its just there to make Assault unit a troop choice under Korvydae. I will make it clear to opponents that the libby and Ass squad are from the BA dex. Im making a bigger deal out of 8th company in that as a malfunction of there Geneseed to rebiuld the chapter some marines are placed into 8th company thus explaing the blood lusts only i'll think of something different.

    I agree about this list being stronger in that its monouverable, but they are weaker than wing lists... probably depends more on mission types. But they do a similar thing I guess.

    But yeah they use libbys, in fact they make use of most units as long as they support a fast attack. RG are all about fast precise attack.

    A lot of info here,

    plus from IA8 and Hunt from Volorius

  5. Sorry for scaring you Mart ;) Glad I was wrong

  6. Aaaah yes, well, tbh,illness ravaged our house so scuppered my chances at the end of the challenge, and since then I havent really done anything... have quite a bit of DIY to do, also done a bit of cycling in prep for the new season and joining a cycle club. Also Im saving up for this... for next year...

    Which is going to take me a while. Its not the end of this hobby, as when my DIY is done, i will be at a loose end. Sorry to let peeps down... hope you and the missus are well fella.

  7. Marts, great blog! I'm starting a 40k campaign with BFG and Planetary Empires elements, and was wondering if you could provide any advice on making digital PE maps. You had a great looking map on a post from a few years back, and I'd love to hear how you made it, and any advice on how I can do the same.

    If you have the time, I'd appreciate any resources or tips you can spare. You can reach me at lepercolony AT

  8. Now then Marty, I've sent you an email but I'm unsure if I have the correct address. If you have it, could you reply so I know it's the right one, if you don't have it, would you email me so that I can amend to the correct address?