Saturday, 21 December 2013

More pics on the way!


I have been busy,

Pretty pleased with this guy, still got some improvents on the whites. I need to be braver with a darker shade of grey to give some it more ummph. I have actually got more to show - a whole a squad no less! I'm pleased with the flesh, it's exactly how I picture raven guard would be. My first post off an iPad, should make things easier to post! Will update tomorrow, really enjoying painting at the mo!

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Im working on the Raven Guard!..... At last


Not sure if any of my gaming friends use blogger or not anymore, some seem to have switched to Facecock. I cant bring myself to make an account so will continue with blogger. :)

I couldn't resist buying the new SM dex, yeah its a bloody rip off, has a hard cover, contains the same amount of info as the last dex, but meh, its sexy leafing through it! I just wont buy other new dexs!

The new dex is allowing me to make the list I always wanted, RG traits should work great with the Vanguard and I can give Korvydae Artificer armour!! woooooo dont need the BA book.

Also I have plenty of FW models, so I think I only need to buy a tac squad (in the hope the legs and such are better sculpts than the old ones), Vanguards, Scouts and the Vehicles.

I think I will be around the hobby more now, got a nice steady rhythm with my cycling (although I just had a horrible month with hayfever issues etc - but I did 28 miles in a 20 mph av today so I think I'm back on it!) also a few work colleges have got into the plastic crack also!!

My list:

1.5K Raven Guard List

SM captain (Korvydae) 
Artificer Armour
Thunder Hammer
Jump Pack

Tactical Squad (10)  
Lightening claw
Melta gun
Missile launcher
Drop Pod

Tactical Squad (10)
Lightening claw
Melta gun
Heavy Bolter
Drop Pod

Scouts (8) 
snipers x8

Vanguard (7)
Jump packs
Lightening claws x4
Power weapons x 2
Powerfist x1
melta bomb

Sternguard (8) 
Lightening Claw
4 combis
Drop Pod

Storm Talon 
Typhoon launcher

Storm Talon 
Skyhammer Missile launcher

                                                                                 Total: 1496

Absolutely no idea if that's an effective list for 6th, but from my previous 40k experience, it shouldn't be to bad, may not be the best list RG can field either because of Korvydae, but I think the new dex allows you to move away from character models abit imo. Crit welcome, but  this is a fluff list as Im cack at gaming! Things to consider are Land Speeders, more Scouts and possible dropping the Sternguard for more Vens...

Thanks for looking! Painting starts tomorrow!

Saturday, 2 February 2013

My Final Raven Guard 1.5K List - SM BA allied

This has taken me a while to work out. Basically I didnt really want to take a full BA list as there are some traits that are a bit of a stretch. I like the Storm talon model and the rules look pretty good as well. I think think this is fluffy and Im going to devise some fluff for 8th company RG to explain the BA traits, should be pretty easy with the RG Geneseed.

TH, JP, artificer armour 170

8 sternguard
4 combis.
Drop pod 255

tac squad x 10
HB, PG, serg with powersword
Drop pod = 230

8 scouts
cloaks and snipers = 138

1 speeder, HF and MM 70

2 speeders, MM's and Typhoon missiles = 200

Stomrtalon, missile = 155


Libby = 100

8 assault marines
flamer and sergeant with LC and meltabomb = 179


The idea is to have the libby supporting the Sternguard and Tacs. Probably attached to the Sternguard. The Storm Talon is going to hang around the back of the board with the snipers providing cover fire. The LS are my suicide units that are going to aggresively take out vehicles or weaken hard units. The ass rines may hang back or support the tacs and Sternguard depending on mission etc.

Friday, 1 February 2013

And Im probably boring ya'll now!

But I dont care! Im finding it quite motivating to post a pic when I have completed a model!

This Kastoral-Novem campaign decal is helping to break up the black.....

Anyhow got this guy done, sarge next. Cheers.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Another guy done...


I have built my first FW Mk6 guy. These models are awesome the detail is really crisp and the proportions on the legs etc are slightly skinnier but in much better proportion. Im not sure you can really tell the difference here, but tbh it was just a better experience painting and building and as im not buying stuff on mass anymore I may invest in some more armour variants at a later date. Pics

PS apologies for the lined paper its all I had as a background to hand! (Pod could you print me off one of those swanky A3 blue grad back grounds?)

Friday, 25 January 2013

Slight Change of Direction


Im slightly changing my army, but not in a sense of list or dex. Although Ravenguard are awesomely cool, I fear my army no matter how much effort I put into it will look like I just undercoated it from a distance. So for some spice I ordered this book from the black library and I aim to make a joint White Scar -  Raveguard force using this book for inspiration. I think I will fulfil 1.5k of RG, but I reckon I will have completed the force before the Tale of the Gamers deadline. Anyone read this?

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

And I'm Ready to Batch!


Had this guy done for a couple of days now. Pretty happy with my black (its not really picking up the blended highlights on the pic, but hey) and the white. I actually think Im going to do a small White Scar list along side this one! Anyway its a question of getting everything built now and getting a crack on. I painted the black as if it was grey and then washed it in black ink. Then a small light Dry brush to pick up the edges. Its important to get a good matt varnish when using ink... I used Dulcote I love the stuff.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Test Model Complete


Well I have completed my first model, I have messed and messed with this model, it may not look like it, but i have. Basically working out how to do the armour quickly, getting the base right etc etc. And because I have been looking at Mk6 armour alot I got the shoulder pads the wrong way round... Anyway, this guy isnt going to make the cut, but I have learnt alot and gone over stuff I have done in the past so Im pretty pleased as an army of black power armour is going to look cool - may not be top standard, but black is cool.

Apologies for the pic, its crap weather and really dark. Basically, what I will take away from this model is this:

Thin white more and more coats
Put the shoulder badges on the right way round!
Less grass
Tidier weathering on the white

(Please feel free to add more...)

Not quite got the glow right on the jump pack, I might drop that...

Also good news, FW delivered a pristine Korvydae...


And theres more... beaky rines, the raven guard uprade pack, sternguard weaponsx2 and MKIV armour. Looking forward to biulding all this:

thanks for looking!