Friday, 25 January 2013

Slight Change of Direction


Im slightly changing my army, but not in a sense of list or dex. Although Ravenguard are awesomely cool, I fear my army no matter how much effort I put into it will look like I just undercoated it from a distance. So for some spice I ordered this book from the black library and I aim to make a joint White Scar -  Raveguard force using this book for inspiration. I think I will fulfil 1.5k of RG, but I reckon I will have completed the force before the Tale of the Gamers deadline. Anyone read this?


  1. I like the idea and totally agree that from the 2-3 feet we usually see armies from, all black ones look undercoated. Maybe the first two months should have been a settling in process seeing as everyone but Chris and Nick have had their plans altered or completely changed ;)

  2. Its not helping that I choose to make the Korvydae army from IA 8 and the tac rines used are from the 5th company - colour black! lol, I'm hoping once I have got rounund to the Sternguard I can add more white to break it up. But I reckon a RG and WS army would look cool.

  3. Have you considered Ravenwing as the basis for the White Scars?

    You can make the Attack Squads Troops, plus you have the option of the Black Knights as being a more elite version of the White Scars.

    1. awesome idea!

      So i'll basically do a DA BA list.

    2. Pretty much. You will need the White Scars to be the main force so that you can take Sammael as the force commander to make the RW Attack squadrons as troops, but that isn't such a bad thing as his Warlord trait is very nice for a White Scar force.

      Gives you a nice conversion option for him too.

    3. I'll have to check out the dex. It may make using the Standard SM dex for the RG a better option.. and I would feel more comfortable with that I think.