Monday, 17 October 2011

My Mojo is Coming Back!


Sorry for no updates etc, but I have taken a long break from the hobby. I think its just what I needed, I will however be coming back with my daemons (40K) as I miss the tourny scene and want to do a ToS @ Warhammer World. The only difference this time is I wont be committing as much man hours to the hobby and I will be buying next to nothing model wise.


I need help, I have decided to keep the mono god theme with Khorne - only I want to use converted counts as units for Plaguebearers, flamers of Tzeentchs etc.... I want them to be able to fit what the actual units do with a Khorne twist as it were.... any conversion ideas would be appreciated!

I want to take my time on stuff, but I also want to get cracking with some tournies as well so hopefully will start getting this blog off and going again!