Monday, 17 October 2011

My Mojo is Coming Back!


Sorry for no updates etc, but I have taken a long break from the hobby. I think its just what I needed, I will however be coming back with my daemons (40K) as I miss the tourny scene and want to do a ToS @ Warhammer World. The only difference this time is I wont be committing as much man hours to the hobby and I will be buying next to nothing model wise.


I need help, I have decided to keep the mono god theme with Khorne - only I want to use converted counts as units for Plaguebearers, flamers of Tzeentchs etc.... I want them to be able to fit what the actual units do with a Khorne twist as it were.... any conversion ideas would be appreciated!

I want to take my time on stuff, but I also want to get cracking with some tournies as well so hopefully will start getting this blog off and going again!


  1. yooo! long time no see! Hopefully we can squeak a couple of tournies next year fella!

  2. Mart,

    I have a unit of Bloodletters if you want them. You can chop them up and convert them as and how you wish m8. I know longer use them and you are more than welcome to them (old metal models)
    Its good to see you are back too, just in time for a game or two down at the club. When are you looking to head back there?

  3. Easy man! Good to see you back at it.
    As for conversions, you thought about armoured Bloodletters with acid blood blades for plague bearers? Similar armour to that of juggernaughts, only on a letter, and the blade to give you a reason for the poison.

    As for flamers, how about furies with a few twists and mods?

  4. @Skal, Alreet fella that would be awesome, any Khorney bits will come in for sure!
    Not sure, anytime really, havent got a funtioning army so need to borrow one tile the daemons are done - Drax has offered a game, so anytime soon!

    @ Angry

    Furies with a twist? hmm I was going to use Nid Gargoyles with Bloodletter heads for furies, but actually as flamers that could just work as Im not to fussed about using Furies! Nice.

    Acid and Khorne - hmm... not sure on that. Im looking into using converted beastmen as Plaguebearers - reason being they are the slave work horses of the great forge, so a stubborn slow unit as they should be kinda thing...

  5. Beast men conversions certainly sound good.
    As for the acid, thinking about it a flaming hellblade or something like that (that always wounds on given number) would fit better.
    but the beastmen do sound better.

  6. If your at the club tomorrow m8 I will be there and will bring in the Bloodletters. As for the game whenever you are ready let me know, I will be using counts as models for the new DE list as I dont have the cash to buy the models needed atm.
    If you fancy a game of WM as well then let me know, still hav'nt played with them yet so looking forward to doing that as well.

  7. This post makes me happy in my pants!!

  8. I dont know whether to laugh, cry or run! ;)

    May pop down tomorrow and sort an army for nxt week...

  9. dryads could make decaying bloodletters, for a nurgle/khorne twist? just a thought.

  10. Need to keep strictly Khorne, but I forgot about Dryads, they will make a good Daemonete replacement with some adjustments and wotnot... ta! They should tie in nice with the bloodletters.