Wednesday, 25 January 2012

The Thirst!


Apologies for the last false start. I am well and truly ready to get back to it now! I was going to start off with a cheeky Cron army (easy to paint, few models, up to date blah blah) but I got a speeding ticket and I decided to return to my original project that I started last year before the move and baby shinanaighans. bah.

Im off down to the club to have a refresher game with Skaltar on Thurs which will be fun and as I have said I aim to get some summer tournies down.

You can see a preview of my army emblem above that Im going to carry across in banners/armylists etc..

Will try and get a good start made over the weekend!!


  1. Very nice banner mart. Do you still want some stories writing?

  2. Welcome back Mart,

    looking forward to our game tonight. see you around 6ish

  3. @ Drax, yes I would, but will need a pub trip or something to give you my ideas that need forming onto someting cohesive!

    The banner is drawn for me from a guy I work with... its truly awesome!

    @Skal - I packed my dice and everything!

  4. What's happened... you peaked too soon again?

  5. nope, just waiting for the weather to spray....