Friday, 9 March 2012

Finally Some Action!

Ok, I am slowly clawing my way into the hobby. I have completely ditched 40K for now and waiting for the new Chaos dex and new rules before I commit to building an army. I want to theme and to do that without a dex is army suicide!! So in its place im focusing on WFB for the next 8 months or so.

I needed an army that will gently allow me to spend as little cash as pos and also be tourny friendly (that means low in numbers to me!) abd easy to get paints. I think Ogres fit this bill really well, but Tomb Kings also have my attention so I may do them later in the year.

Just like to thank Drax for an intro game last night... very patient and gave me a really good start, I look forward to the next one where i will hopefully be a bit more clued up.

I have made a slow start to the two boxes of bulls I have, but tbh thats as much down to me getting the right paint job as anything else. This is the third flesh scheme on this models without stripping so the next model should be smoother. Im really pleased with this flesh, its pretty bright (more so in the flesh than on the photo) got a nice ogre'y feel. Im going to freehand some tats on him and I have a nice metal tut Im going to try on the sword that I will post up later this weekend...

Anyway wip so far!


  1. Well finally a post, nice to have you back m8. The paint job is nice too, good skin detail for an Ogre

  2. no undercoat!!!!!

    aside from that, great-looking skin tone. i won a stonehorn from bitz box a few months back and its been sitting on my desk half-converted since then, waiting for my mojo to return from hiatus :p

    keep up the good work

  3. Looks like a uniform grey undercoat to me. Was great seeing you last night mate, it's been too long. I look forward to seeing you more regularly now.

  4. My pleasure mate. been trying to get you to play wfb for 6 years!

    skin tone looks nice. looking forward to more

  5. Just a warning Mart, Mark cheats like f$%k; he even adds extra units that are not in his list. We will have to get a game planned soon, keep the system learning going and all. Nice ogre flesh btw.

  6. Jesus Vorro! Nice to hear from you matey! Still sunny in Malta I trust! Its car primer grey, I quite like it as it gives a good base for a lot of colours that struggle on black.... would love to see you back in action... I'll try and keep up with keeping up with blogs... which forums do you reside in at the mo?

    @Ben - Marks cheating is like a fine art and wierdly likable! I'll share you both out so you dont get bored of me!

    @Shane - great to see you mate, been ages - I should be back for a wile now, not planning anymore sprogs or moving!

    thanks for the comments guys!

  7. weathers horrible here at the moment, worst winds and rain weve had in decades :(

    not really doing much at the moment though i mostly lurk on warseer now. any other forums you roam around in?

  8. looking good.

    Grey undercoat is the way forward - I cant see me going 'back to black' any time soon.

  9. Strangly we are having one of the warmest winter/spring in decades...

    Lurk on Warseer a bit... not much hobby time recently so not really followed much, might try and resurge m1m at some point..

    @ Glamage... Grey is the new black.. :D !

  10. Looking nice, like the lighter tone for the flesh.