Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Small Snowy Update

I have finished the board sections and although I have given the scenery a light blast of Skull White, I still need to go back and snow flock it all. Im going to use the bicarb snow for some of it. I have another bastion to build, 4 more sets of Aegis Defence line a Fortress of Redemption and other stuff... Im really please with how its turning out!

Saturday, 22 January 2011

It's Snow Joke Pt III - This time its personal!!

Ok, I have been tinkering and tinkering trying to get an effect to work on my board which has been causing staining issues (due to the real soil and mixed herbs I originally used). After two coats of PVA, I got a nice ice effect. So I then spayed Skull white. I must admit it started to look great. Then I had the idea if I splodge some PVA over some patches I'll get an awesome melting snow/frost look. Im pretty pleased with the result...

I also tested a patch of PVA applied very thinnly and then some of this awesome snow flock thats miles better than GW's version and cheaper - and by better I mean it looks like snow, not white grass! result NO STAINING! It does howevr mean I have to go all over my board with a small brushh applying it :( bah it'll be worth it...

I feel as though Im on top of this now and although its not the thick snow I originally wanted I am going to get a really dramatic effect and I didnt have to buy more board!

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Been working on my forum...


After a long break I decided to head back to the my old internet hang out Minus1modifier! I have been condensing down all the boards and installed some new anti-spam software. Its more of a chatty forum and you wont find mods telling you off for double posts and such.

you can find it here:

Modeling wise I have been having disaster after disaster with my board I think I have turned a corner now and I will supply pics in the next few days...

Monday, 17 January 2011

Planetary Empires... but in digital format...

I have a Planetary Empires kicking about with the hive city tile etc. But it occurred to me, it would be a lot easier to run in a digital format. I have made this map and Im going to give it a go at my local club (Hulls Angels). Need to work on the back story and whatnot, but I thought keep it simple for now and set it on a mining world. Has anyone run one of these things? If so do you have any pointers?

Monday, 10 January 2011

It's Snow Joke - Part II - The Pics!

Here are the pics I should have posted before...

I coated the board with PVA

This looks pretty good... but its just PVA - not my snow effect!

This is why - The PVA should totally seal the board and stop this nasty mess! There are a few failed snow attempts on there!!

It's Snow Joke - part II

Ok, the Bicarb works... kind of. I'm now having issues with my board colouring the stuff and I think its reacting as well because its not drying! It was orgianlly made with topsoil and PVA. It also has dried herbs and things on it....

So what I have decided to do is seal my boards with a big pot of PVA.... I hope this works!!

Im hoping to get all the boards done and scenery done this week. Then I can move onto making this into a snowy outpost. To do...

Fortress of Redemption
2x Bastions and all the gubbins that come with
Landing pad
Scratchbuild underground bunker entrances
Scratchbuild movable walls
Scratchbuild gate
Oh and... the big one that I have had for a few years now - PHAETON PATTERN SUB COMPLEX DELTA

So lots to get through, I am glad I have a new airbrush to help get through this! I may do a small 1K snow themed infantry based IG force, nothing fancy, just something to look good with the board!

Edit - Ahh damn I published this without any pics! (was supposed to press preview not post!) I was going to take some pics and post it later!! Sorry...

Saturday, 8 January 2011

It's Snow Joke......

...Its true, I have started testing my snow for my biggest board and scenery project for a couple of years!

First off I have been using this awesome tut, which is how I am basically making my snow with a couple of adjustments.

Ultrawerke - Snow tut

My materials below... (the floor polish is same as Klear/future - UK peeps can get it from Lakeland plastics)

Its hard to get the consitancy right. I actually used boiled water to mix the PVA as I was having troubles with not mixing it down enough and was getting globs of the baking powder. That helped smoothing. Here are some test bases at different consistancies:

Its not showing up so well on the pic - but I was having yellowing issues. I have seen some other snow tuts where they add a small amount of acrylic paint. dont add to much as it makes it crumbly! lol

I found a thinner mix is better as I can literally just pour the stuff on and it pretty much shapes itself with a little help!

I should get better at spreading it round with a bit of practice - I just hope it doesent dry yellow! If this is ok, I'm set to go about snowing my entire board. My aim is to make a really atmospheric board as I rarely use it, so want somewhere special when not club gaming. As its not being used that much - it should stay tidy for years to come.

You can see my board as it stands here

Friday, 7 January 2011

Spent my christmas money! NEW AIRBRUSH!!!

It has arrived! I'm going to have some fun with this. I have adjustable nozzles, dual action and should compliment my other airbrush.

I can fully recommend these guys - fast delivery and very helpful...


My plan is to work on scenery next. Im turning my board into a winter wonderland of snow. I have some snow tutorials to test and will post my results tomorrow.

I have bunkers to paint, fortress of redemption.. all sorts!

Monday, 3 January 2011

Big Mek Painted! (Base to do...)

Finally got the motivation to finish this guy, I'm really sick of painting Orks now - but I had to get him finished for gaming/tourny purposes. If Im honest the conversion was a bit rushed and I dont love it. I'm pleased with the glow effect and I have used my new Vallejo florescent colours. I also used my matt medium to make washes which was great. So the paint job although not 100% on my part - I'm pretty pleased with it.