Saturday, 8 January 2011

It's Snow Joke......

...Its true, I have started testing my snow for my biggest board and scenery project for a couple of years!

First off I have been using this awesome tut, which is how I am basically making my snow with a couple of adjustments.

Ultrawerke - Snow tut

My materials below... (the floor polish is same as Klear/future - UK peeps can get it from Lakeland plastics)

Its hard to get the consitancy right. I actually used boiled water to mix the PVA as I was having troubles with not mixing it down enough and was getting globs of the baking powder. That helped smoothing. Here are some test bases at different consistancies:

Its not showing up so well on the pic - but I was having yellowing issues. I have seen some other snow tuts where they add a small amount of acrylic paint. dont add to much as it makes it crumbly! lol

I found a thinner mix is better as I can literally just pour the stuff on and it pretty much shapes itself with a little help!

I should get better at spreading it round with a bit of practice - I just hope it doesent dry yellow! If this is ok, I'm set to go about snowing my entire board. My aim is to make a really atmospheric board as I rarely use it, so want somewhere special when not club gaming. As its not being used that much - it should stay tidy for years to come.

You can see my board as it stands here


  1. Just been reading through some of your posts, and wanted to subscribe to this blog. Is it just my browser or is the "follow" button not displaying on your page?

  2. its wierd, I can see on some computers and not others! Not a great deal I can do really... Thanks for looking though!

  3. follow button is on the right side for me Angry, might be your browser m8.
    Nice work Mart, your snow is effective. I think its going to be difficult in judging on the correct amount of snow needed on the board. Glad your doing it and not me.

  4. Right, the snow is turning yellow, I'm going to pick up some more supplies tonight.

    Does anyone know if baking powder is the same as bicarb? I always thought it was,,,

    @Skaltar, this is one of those ideas im starting to wish i never had!

  5. Yeah, I used the laptop and it let me follow.
    Dont envy the task of snowing a whole board

  6. Right, I have some bicarb, lets hope that solves my yellow prob! Pics tomorrow...

  7. Bicarb wont give you yellow issues, I did same thing.

  8. aah thanks, it serves me right for being tight and not buying some as i had baking powder in the cupboard! lol