Saturday, 22 January 2011

It's Snow Joke Pt III - This time its personal!!

Ok, I have been tinkering and tinkering trying to get an effect to work on my board which has been causing staining issues (due to the real soil and mixed herbs I originally used). After two coats of PVA, I got a nice ice effect. So I then spayed Skull white. I must admit it started to look great. Then I had the idea if I splodge some PVA over some patches I'll get an awesome melting snow/frost look. Im pretty pleased with the result...

I also tested a patch of PVA applied very thinnly and then some of this awesome snow flock thats miles better than GW's version and cheaper - and by better I mean it looks like snow, not white grass! result NO STAINING! It does howevr mean I have to go all over my board with a small brushh applying it :( bah it'll be worth it...

I feel as though Im on top of this now and although its not the thick snow I originally wanted I am going to get a really dramatic effect and I didnt have to buy more board!


  1. I like it too. The sense of the ground showing through in patches is really effective - it gives a strong sense of change in the environment. You were brave to try, but it's paid off. It's a good-looking table.

  2. Seriously, this demands a tutorial! The board looks fantastic and very real, nice job!

  3. lol thanks... I'll do a step by step tut once I figured out how to finish it! I have been making it up as I go along at the mo!

    Glad you like it...

  4. Looking good Mart, keep it up m8 almost there.

  5. Looking good, glad its starting to come together for you.