Friday, 9 March 2012

Finally Some Action!

Ok, I am slowly clawing my way into the hobby. I have completely ditched 40K for now and waiting for the new Chaos dex and new rules before I commit to building an army. I want to theme and to do that without a dex is army suicide!! So in its place im focusing on WFB for the next 8 months or so.

I needed an army that will gently allow me to spend as little cash as pos and also be tourny friendly (that means low in numbers to me!) abd easy to get paints. I think Ogres fit this bill really well, but Tomb Kings also have my attention so I may do them later in the year.

Just like to thank Drax for an intro game last night... very patient and gave me a really good start, I look forward to the next one where i will hopefully be a bit more clued up.

I have made a slow start to the two boxes of bulls I have, but tbh thats as much down to me getting the right paint job as anything else. This is the third flesh scheme on this models without stripping so the next model should be smoother. Im really pleased with this flesh, its pretty bright (more so in the flesh than on the photo) got a nice ogre'y feel. Im going to freehand some tats on him and I have a nice metal tut Im going to try on the sword that I will post up later this weekend...

Anyway wip so far!