Monday, 10 February 2014

Some more Raven Guard... and some Infinity...

Good weekend of nerdery, got to love this bad weather!!

Pretty damn pleased with these fellas, tho I think I took the pic to close up...

Also built these fellas last night. Was supposed to do the whole starter, but I have to admit they were an F ing bull cacker of a turd to put together. The detail and proportions are awesome though, which make my rines' look a bit clumsy when put next to them...

Test game of Infinity tomorrow night cant wait!

Friday, 7 February 2014

A New and Shiny Thing...

....for me anyway, and its called Infinity!

Yes a new day, a new system, but their is method behind my madness, and the truth is I am enjoying painting my Raven Guard, and Im really pleased with the overall look I get in a squad - which incidently I still need to take some pics of!! The thing is this, I dont want to rush gluing everything together getting it painted quickly, finding out my list sucks ass hard, so then I have to buy more shit. I want to take my sweet god damn time and enjoy slowly adding painted units to the cause instead. This leaves me with one problem. I have F all to play with!!! So what better way to enjoy both sides of the hobby, a nice in-depth skirmish game with low model count. Personally I wanted to move away from GW, not because I hate them, and I think everything about them needs to be thrown in the burning of pits of hell. No, actually the opposite. I LOVE 40K its the only system that keeps bringing me back and who can say the image of a whacking Space Marine pummeling an Ork or some other xenos creature doesent stir aweome thoughts in a mind that should know better, esp at my age!

Anywho, I have been watching quite a bit of anime recently (watching Attack on Titan at the mo - fully recommend it) thanks to getting US Netflix and I happend across Infinity. I watched the video made on Beast of War (link at bottom along with Facebook Group) and I pretty much decided thats what I wanted.

Now some of the older minis look a little to dynamic, but the newer minis they are churning out out are bloody amazing, and they are true 28mm, which means the humans are teeny. I choose the Morat Aggression force, because they looked badass!

This has been a wordy update for me... I'll cut to the chase:


We have set up a small group of players my local gaming club so hopefully have a good setup kicking off!

Eye candy:

Beats of War (watch this and tell me the system doesent look awesome! Active and re-active, sweet!):

Have some painted updates coming in the next day or two!!