Monday, 27 January 2014

Corking Base!

OK, Been busy, 

I'm totally hobbying out at the mo much to my family's amusement. Anyway, working on some tacticals. I have prepped the bases with cork (nibbled with nippers to make them more rock like) and filled the gaps with this stuff I found in my sock drawer last week. Basing gel. I bought it a few years back not sure from where but it saved me using pva and sand.

I primered the squad in storm conditions on Saturday (nothing gets in the way of a nerd and his models - nothing...) and got a bloody grainy effect, should have known better. Its not to bad, but its not ideal.

Finished my first three models hope you like them.

ok, only kidding  they are grey scaled ready to be painted in thin layers of black to aid blending, works pretty well. You dont need to work the dark grey into the cracks and crevises, the thin black will look after that. I will then pick out details with a light highlight. 

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Raven Guard Librarian! (Loth - just need to think of a different name...)


My final Forgeworld/resin HQ guys. I just wanted to get them built as they were all just bits... this guy is standard Loth, Grey Knights staff (just thought it looked cooler!), Raven Guard upgrade shoulder pad (left) MK whatever jumpack (the single engine one!) and the book is hacked off from the loth back pack and pinned to the jump pack.

Im back on with the tacticals now, just one squad to complete and probably my last as further army extensions in the future for troops will be scouts.  Pics soon.


Check out this guys bits service, its awesome and he delivers fast!!

Cheers for looking.

Friday, 17 January 2014

Next up - Korvydae...


Another resin mini, and this is the reason for all the Raven Guard action. I love this damn model. After wresting with the finecast resin a couple of nights ago, it was nice to be back with some Forgeworld resin, not brittle and easy to clean. I have blue tacked the arms on so thats why there is a gap on the wrist!


I have another resin awesomeness I'm building tonight!

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

I present Corvane Valar - Shadow Captain of 5th Company, Raven Guard

I have been busy with this guy. Basically i saw The Lord Executioner model and thought he would make an awesome lightening claw captain. My list uses Korvydae, but once I had the idea I had to build it! He is a counts as Shrike for my 5th company. There is no way I would use The Gw model, it's horrible! 

The torso is The Lord executioner, had a worry when it arrived as shoulders and arms are part of the model, but they come away easily and don't damage the model to much. That's a good thing about fine cast, if it was metal, I'm not sure I would have done it. The downside to fine cast it need a lot of tidying! It's my first experience if the stuff and am left unsure if I like it or not!

The base is still rough, the head is pinned not glued yet, and the jump pack is blu traced. Oh, yeah, the shoulder pads are the FW ravenguard ones, the lightening claws are from the new vets, the head is from the FW ravenguard upgrade and the jump pack is a Korvydae one. Pic...


Oh I'm still working on the tacticals, but I have some shiny resin stuff still to build!

Some more posts soon...