Thursday, 23 September 2010

A Late One! (ToS is looming and Im pulling my finger out!)

I am on holiday next week and I really want to get through as much as pos before I go away. I decided to put the Kans down and just build everything I need so I can prime and just paint when it suits.

Unfortunately I was up till 1am and whilst building my dred I had to make some impromptu conversions.

1. I dropped the last exhaust whilst gluing it. I heard it hit the box below me - so cheerfully went to pick it up to find - nothing... absolutely NOTHING - GONE - AAARGH. After a few whispered swear words and searching - I noticed an Ork boyz sprue next to me and I spied a Big Shoota... put two and two together and hacked the barrel off and glued it in place... Great - but it looks out of balance with the others. So I cut off the first exhaust and made another out of the Big Shoota from the dred kit.... looks pretty good now and different form my 1st dred. Nice.

2. Then I moved onto the face mask where I was going to glue the tusks on. I glued a tusk in place and went back to the sprue to find the other one had gone! I couldn't remember if I cut it off at the same time as the other one... but could I find it NO!!!!

This time I was bah there is nothing I can do about this and just as I was about to use the other smiley face plate (I don't like that one) I remembered you got a couple of tusks with the BW kit!

Excited... I found them and luckily they fitted perfectly and look even better as they are longer!

3. As I had cut off the smiley face plate - I noticed it made a nice shoulder pad...

So unplanned, but I think it worked out OK!!

Then I built three Tankbustas I'm going to use as my rokkit launcher boyz... I like them as minis but cant see me using them as Tankbustas anytime soon so I may as well use them as this. Need to build another three...

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Making Your Own GW Washes

I saw a blog/forum tut a while back about using this Windsor and Newton Matt Medium to make your own washes out your GW paints. I decided I'm going to give it a blast, cant find the original article but from early testing you need to thin your GW paint with a bit of water and then double that with the medium, worked pretty well. The key is finding the right mixes as this stuff makes your paint more opaque so with a bit of trial and error i should be able to get some nice effects....

I never showed my WIPs on my Khorne LR, not even nearly done at all, but I was pretty pleased with how the FW brass etchings turned out. I had to use old school brown ink as the washes are a bit thick and to opaque if you water them down. I also used the last of my brazen brass not knowing GW had discontinued it, so not sure how my other brass etchings are going to come out!

Again its a million miles off being finished, I want this Khorne army to be my pinnacle paint job army... only trouble is I have seen those shiny new DE minis.. so these may have to back burner for a bit longer!

Friday, 17 September 2010

The Roof is on Fire! Another Kan... nearly...

Bah noticed some wobbly bits around the the light holes after taking the pic, so I need to go round them again.

Again needs basing - pigments - seal - blood and gore adding, but I will batch that when I get all 9 to this stage... phaaaarp.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Wahooo - Kan Progress!!!!

Not going as fast as I'd like, but I have done some more on the Kans. These are still PiP - need to base - add pigments - seal and add blood!

Im pretty pleased, Im going to plod on with them tonight. Also I made my ToS cover, which I will reveal nearer the time.... anyway pics....

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Ok Ok I'm behind already!

But in my defense I did make make my first week a tough one with 9 Kans! I also added some shoulder pads last minute that held me up... but I will keep log of my lost weeks and try and make them up. My other planned stuff is not quite as intense so I should easily keep up. Anyway progress... Im estimating a two week loss on these and they are at base coat stage with about 70% more work to do on them....