Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Wahooo - Kan Progress!!!!

Not going as fast as I'd like, but I have done some more on the Kans. These are still PiP - need to base - add pigments - seal and add blood!

Im pretty pleased, Im going to plod on with them tonight. Also I made my ToS cover, which I will reveal nearer the time.... anyway pics....


  1. Ah finally something happening over here!

    These are looking great, how are they matching to the "master plan"?

  2. 2 weeks deficit now... but my other listed stuff is a bit more doable.

  3. cool, is this part of a new army or just additions to the evil suns - im liking the new colours, and the weathering and source lighting are tip-top-notch. great work

  4. OI!! Vorro! I missed ya man!

    I have developed the paint - been doing it so long I found new better ways of doing stuff. Just takes longer!!

    Grimlaks Marorderz is a mixture of clanz, but the waaagh must wear red as it represents the blood shed of the enemy and is therefore a good omen. I started off as Evil sunz but it has grown beyond that now...

    The only exeption is that deth skulls are allowed to paint there faces blue... not only to keep them happy... but to warn other orks...

    I will get round to painting them soon!

  5. nice :) looking forward to seeing some other klan colours, especially deff skulls :)