Friday, 11 April 2014

An actual game, on my blog!

Yes it's true, I'm actually gaming, not just taking ages painting black marines (Raven Guard!). Only I'm totally hooked on infinity. I just love the mechanics, and I'm just starting really to get the hang of them. A game has more ups and downs than a trampoline! I haven't actually won yet, but I feel I'm close. The models whether you put them on gothic, ww2 or any kind of scenery look really atmospheric. It's Down to the true proportions of the models, and hidey nature of the game.

Anyway I played my new gaming mate Chris tonight with his Nomads and my Morats, 300pts. I used my new TAG (see previous post!) and the mission was supply run. You basically have to collect and hold on to a choice of 3 objectives that you pick up.

To cut a long story short, both 1st turns were pretty good, my Tag took out a lot. But on the second turn I needed to take out a pesky sniper that was bedded in a good position and stopping my game plan advance. I threw everything at it, to no avail and it sucked up my orders. Chris had two objectives and by the third turn I hadn't done enough so it was pretty straight win for Chris in the end. If I could have managed to have that sniper, it would have been a thrilling end I think! (You only play three turns - but a lot happens!)

The pesky sniper!

In the end my engineer refused to pick up an objective sucking another 2.5 orders!

Not the most detailed bat reps, but hey!

On hols next week so should get some painting done....

Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Infinity, Armored Brigade Raicho, This guy looks like something off Power Rangers!

In a good way!! Cant wait to field and paint this up... Wasent actually to bad to put togther, needed alot of glue on legs...

Monday, 7 April 2014

Infinity and more Infinity!......

And I have been actively been gaming, even going to my LGS!!!

I have pretty much been exclusively playing Infinity.  Im not going to do a GW hate post, but the system has rekindled my love for the hobby and not just painting. In fact the guy that paints the Infinity models (Giraldez) is so good its an inspiration! But wierdly more in the way that I shouldnt be so finicky with my paintwork and just get on with it! (because i will never reach that kind of standard!)

So the game... its a steep learning curve - Im not going to lie, maybe because I have 40k so ingrained in my mind its taken its sweet time for the rules to sink in. The system uses D20s (of course I got fancy big ones - I have a dice problem!)

The game is fast and frantic - even when its not your turn as you react to the active players turn. Your constantly looking for Line of Sight - although now Im an Infinity player its 'Line of Fire' :). The core rules are simple - very simple, its when you start adding in grenades, laying mines hacking and skills etc, the game starts to get in depth and its easy to forget stuff, at least for me anyway! Im really looking forward doing a campaign as I think the game and fluff (Which is awesome) will really make it all come alive. 

My one crit so far, is the models are a bloomin pain to put together, they look great, but man... wow, credit to GW for making our lives easy in this department! The newer models are improving to be fair and I have had some easier models to put together.

My Combined Army is really coming together now and Im going to blast some paint jobs this week...

Oh and I have pulled/torn a muscle in my calf so I cant get out on my bike, so Im a grumpy chops at the mo... I havent had chance to test out my new 'sweet' wheels yet either. I guess it leaves more time for hobbying.

So what of the Raven Guard I here you cry (well the odd person who has read this far!) well, i think they look badass if I do say so myself, and yes they are all black (its a crit I keep getting!) but I really love the finished look and I will be diving straight back on the once i have cleared my infinity back log. Not sure I will play much 40k though as havent memorised 6th ed yet and Im not sure my mind can cope with two memorised systems, but I am supposed to be doing a ToS later this year so I will have to get up to speed at some point!! Thanks for reading and Im keeping this papa updated from now on!


Monday, 10 February 2014

Some more Raven Guard... and some Infinity...

Good weekend of nerdery, got to love this bad weather!!

Pretty damn pleased with these fellas, tho I think I took the pic to close up...

Also built these fellas last night. Was supposed to do the whole starter, but I have to admit they were an F ing bull cacker of a turd to put together. The detail and proportions are awesome though, which make my rines' look a bit clumsy when put next to them...

Test game of Infinity tomorrow night cant wait!