Thursday, 17 July 2014

I'M SO EXCITED, AND I JUST CAN HIDE IT!!!!! - Infinity the Game!


I really don't know where to start with this post! So much is happening in the world of Infinity at the moment... in fact please play this while reading this post...

Before I start on the good stuff, I have managed to get these Morat Vanguard painted up! I have stripped my original three from the starter so I can get them to match (I painted them not know where the scheme was going!!). Pretty pleased overall, I love these models, the colours are working and I'm getting through my backlog... well kind of, I'll come back to that!!

I'm currently working on these guys, should be done by the weekend.. stripped with Fairy Power spray!

Now the good stuff.. You may or may not have heard, but Corvus Belli are bringing out a brand spanking new starter set with freaking awesome metal minis (The current metals being brought out are miles better than resin, so nice to paint and handle). The factions are Nomad and PanO, two of the best looking armies that both fit in a Manga/video game aesthetic. I'm halving the box with my good friend Chris who is taking the Nomads and I the PanO. Looking forward to seeing the models and the gaming mat mainly. Just cant wait!! 
Plus its going to be the new 3rd ed rules, which again I cant wait for.. the rule set is currently in a revised state from the original brought out in 2006. You can tell in some areas the game needs some polish and this should do that!

That is not all, we are pre-ordering and getting the spec ed minis!!!

The Pan0 one is of Tabitha Lyons who will be cosplaying at Gen Con dressed up as the Neoterra Bolt! Awesome...

This is the costume underway...

And if all this wasn't enough, we just got some new previews!!! Get ready for some Nerdgasms!
The new Morat Vulkan Shotgun Raktorak

More Eye candy... New Antipods... human half breeds.... yeah... awesome...

Oh yeah, and if that's not enough... I'm off to my first Infinity tourny in September... Its the Northern Alliance and they are holding a one day event in Leeds... Canneee wait! 

My only issue is I'm still struggling with my Morats... I have some new tricks ups my sleeve, but i might try and switch to a Vanilla list and include this fella... which I do currently own!

Plus I'm hoping to start on my Borderlands gaming board soon as well!!

Oh and I got out on my bike!

This is to much...

Until next time... Thanks for looking!!

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Im painting like I have never painted before!


Its true I'm properly knocking stuff out at the moment. Taking the odd shortcut, but am overall pleased with the end result that (imo) gives a good gaming standard that I'm pleased to look at, but also happy to use in a game without pooing my pants every time I have to manoeuvre the models! I need to start blogging in the odd bat rep as well because I am actively gaming at the moment!

The Northern Infinity Alliance are holding a tourney in Leeds in September. I am going to be attending that and am really looking forward to it! Cant wait to dip my toe in the tourney scene again. My leg is starting to feel better also, so I'm going to get back on my bike and train so I can ride with my biking club as well, so things are starting to look up in that department!!

My Hungries... (these are very cheap fast moving models, that frankly, are one of my favourite units to use in game. They can do so much!!)

Next up are the Daturazi, these are super aggressive models that when in a link team move up the board under the cover of smoke grenades... I love them as much as the Hungries...!

I have some Morat Vanguard to paint up, along with two Raznat air drop guys. Then its onto the TAGs and Remotes... After that I have a Shivastii starter set. When that is complete I'm going to build a board... yup, gonna build terrain! My fave part of the hobby!

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, 19 June 2014

More green glow!


I went back to my sogarat, not happy with the blue glow, just looked, meh... I hit it with a green one to give it some va va voom!  Also I'm putting off getting on with the daturazi, they are so detailed and I want to do them justice... Anyway my sogarat... 

Oh and a better pic of my Yeogats!

Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Everyone should have a nerdy indoor hobby!


As the title suggest, I have had some bad news regarding my health, I have got a blood clot in my leg (Deep vein thrombosis). Now I am an active kind of guy, my other hobby is cycling and I like working decent average speeds around 20mph depending on if Im in a group and amount of altitude. What I  thought was a torn muscle has turned out much worse and I will be reduced not doing very much over the next few months.. Now the point of the post isn't a cry for help or attention, but pointing out that actually having a hobby I love that involves sitting on your arse whilst watching crap on tele (currently watching Appleseed as it's very Infinity looking!) is actually very helpful. If I didn't have it I would be very disgruntled and frustrated, and would probably be watching Jeremy Kyle or some home investment crappy programme. Now yes I'm still devastated I'm not doing the things I wanted on my bike this year, my mind is still occupied with stuff I like... 

My yaogets done.....!

On with the Daturazis now!!

Will take better pics in a couple of weeks...

Thanks for looking!