Friday, 31 August 2012

Sunday, 19 August 2012


Thought I'd just drop a post to say I'm out of the hobby. Prolly not a suprise as I havent actually seriously gamed in about a year and a half. I keep trying to get back in and will have a wave of Inspiration, then it dies quick. I cant put it down to a lack of time either as I seem to have managed to find a new hobby (see pic) and spend my time tinkering and biking and getting excited about that kind of stuff! Doing the way of the Roses next week - morcambe to Hornsea (should be Brid but we adapted it!) We want to do it in one day next year...

TBH my problem with gaming is this. I cant make a strong effective list and this has effected my confidence with the whole hobby with collecting and painting... I dont want to keep pumping money in on stuff that 'might' work, or spend hours painting shit that doesent work, or worked once before i painted it... if you follow!

My Pretties

Anywho I wish all my gaming mates well online and offline, I may convert this blog into a biking blog not sure!!