Sunday, 19 August 2012


Thought I'd just drop a post to say I'm out of the hobby. Prolly not a suprise as I havent actually seriously gamed in about a year and a half. I keep trying to get back in and will have a wave of Inspiration, then it dies quick. I cant put it down to a lack of time either as I seem to have managed to find a new hobby (see pic) and spend my time tinkering and biking and getting excited about that kind of stuff! Doing the way of the Roses next week - morcambe to Hornsea (should be Brid but we adapted it!) We want to do it in one day next year...

TBH my problem with gaming is this. I cant make a strong effective list and this has effected my confidence with the whole hobby with collecting and painting... I dont want to keep pumping money in on stuff that 'might' work, or spend hours painting shit that doesent work, or worked once before i painted it... if you follow!

My Pretties

Anywho I wish all my gaming mates well online and offline, I may convert this blog into a biking blog not sure!!


  1. Certainly shinier than my bike... sad to see you go from the gaming side. How about just doing painting instead?

  2. yeah, you did actually enjoy that side - perhaps just buy the odd model, paint it then flog it.

    Saying that, If your heart's not in it, it's not in it.

    Give us a shout once you are back from your adventures and we'll meet up

  3. tbh painting could be a goer, but maybe more in the winter... It would be literally a random model, im totally not excited by gaming anymore. I sort of blame my ork horde being shit AND hard work to use! ...or shoudl that be me being hard work and shit? lol

    defo Mark, possible another roast?

  4. Fair play to you Mart. These things are meant to be fun after all and life's too short to spend your free time doing things you don't actually enjoy doing!

    Just be careful on the bike - there's some crazy mofo drivers out there.

  5. yeah tell me about it! Try and avoid town/city cycling as much as pos.

    Its not that I dont enjoy it so much as the amount of effort you have to put in to get the enjoyment out, just cant muster the motivation and havent been able to since the UKGT 2011 at Maelstrom which is wierd as I really enjoed that event. I'll come back in some form no doubt, but it will maybe just in the painting or tagging along to a doubles with someone elses army!

  6. Catch you on the flipside buddy.

    TY for the posts.


  7. i knwo just how you feel mart, though i still frequent various forums and check out the GW website for new releases every few weeks, I havent touched a model in around 2-years. Though i dont think youre every truly out of the hobby, you might always get bitten by the bug again in the future, possibly when you elast expect it.

    This happened to my mate last week who hasnt been in the hobby for 5-6 years easily. He just picked up the new rulebook and I'm going with him to our local indie tomorrow to pick up some IG models and paints for him. I'm thinking of chaos myself and have ordered a bunch of the new chosen to form the basis of a marine/daemon ally force. we'll see how well that goes...

  8. btw if you ahve any models you might want to get rid of send me a list. i might be interested in some thigns ;) yep call me a jackal or a vulture

  9. lol, dont worry, my Cryx models are being vultured!!

    I got rid of my chaos/daemons, got a lot of ork stuff, but unusually for a gamer its all painted!!

    Its wierd, since i admitted to myself im out of the hobby, i have opened my Space Hulk and am actually going to have a game with the missus! Not sure that means im back in, but small steps lol.

    Good to hear from you fella! I should do a holiday in Malta one of these days!

  10. funny, ive had my space hulk box (still sealed) since release and I opened it and had a game with an old mate last weak (sort of a warm up for getting back into 40k). had a great time and doing it again nest week.

    hope you enjoy the riding hehe :)

  11. its simple atmospheric and tactical...... awesomeness in a box! im going to paint a genestealer!

    The was hard and good ;)