Friday, 31 August 2012

Im off biking!

Im setting off on the Way of the Roses today! Woohoo!

We are blogging our progress on this blogger site if anyone is interested! We just started it so it looks a little empty now!

Thats our route, it looks like a long way now, I hope the weather behaves!


  1. lol, you must be mad man, but good luck hope the weather holds for you all

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  3. had a great time tnks,and the weather was great!! part from fri... but that was a short stint anyway... good times.

  4. Wow you already have a long way trip.I like adventures and go to other places to discover more of their culture,beliefs,tradition and their food specialty.

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    1. LMAO, yeah Hornsea rocks! Floral Hall, although I havent been there for 15 years!