Wednesday, 19 November 2014

I'm Opening a Gaming Store Update 2!!!


Been a while since I updated. The last post was very early idea stage! Now I have been clearing, painting and the like - I'm almost ready to start work on the gaming tables!! woot!!

Its been a long hard slog so far as I'm also working full time, I do feel however, like I'm seeing the start of the end of all this... I really want to be up and cooking before Christmas and I think I'm probably two weeks behind what I originally wanted. I underestimated how much work needed to be done front end!

Also I'm have a little website.....  Just a teaser for now...


The work on the gaming tables is going to be intense. In my mind if I'm charging people to play on them they have to be of the quality a lot of people wont have at home. I have planned what I am doing and as of next week I'm going to be pulling out all the stops to get the tables done and looking awesome!

I have decided the companies I'm supplying, etc.. its a question of putting my money where my mouth is when the time comes!

Cheers... next update the place will look like a hobby shop!!

Thanks for looking!