Thursday, 28 April 2011

Next Batch of Orks - EBAY

Thanks for looking, my next batch of Orks are up for sale.


Will be putting Boyz, trukks, Nobz and characters after this batch.

Monday, 4 April 2011

NAME A GAME - My work needs help!

This is non Warhammer related! Basically my work is branching out into the app world and has made a really cool game. The only problem is we are stuck on the name. We have narrowed it down to three and would really appreciate it if you could vote by following this link....

Quiet Times!

Just to let everyone know I will be not doing much hobbying over the next few months as we are hopefully moving. I wont be at the club much either, but the campaign is very easy for me to keep running, so that will still be going on and I should still find time to throw in exciting missions, senarios and bonus's.

On a side note my good friend Vorro/Nathan has just set up a blog and its well worth looking at - some of the best true-scaling on the web... so check this out.....