Sunday, 29 November 2015

Facebook Broke Me!


It's been a while since i used blogger as I seemed to naturally move onto Facebook for my hobby logging etc. Well i think im sick of seeing people's Christmas trees going up in November and people telling Jeremy Corbyn is great for this country. I want to go back to a simpler time of me just blogging my hobby. The only thing that was keeping me on Facebook was because of my gaming groups... Most notable The Yorkshire Renegades and the Infinity Northern Alliance groups. I just weighed up that not even that was enough to keep me on stuck on the daily churn of Facebook anymore... So its back to blogger, my fave of the internet blogging thingies... Granted no bugger uses it anymore and Im typing this to myself no doubt.. But still its nice to look back at your works every now and again!

So update time... I opened Siege and it was a mighty success, but really was a smoke screen for us to sell the building and make the property look fully used and tidy. It has now sold... :( The upside is that its had a really positive effect in the local area as it has enabled gamers to meet and become friends. It helped expand the Yorkshire Renegades who now have monthly and are just generally awesome. Ill be blogging all the cool projects we do from time to time.

First update is the Yorkshire Renegades are running a Blood Bowl cup after christmas - fully painted. I decided to dig out my old Skaveblight Scramblers. Now the team was over 20 years old and the paint jobs weren't so bad, but in those days no internet. So no useful painting tips in thinning paint or using washes. It was no good, i had to strip my adolecent paint jobs and start again. I looked over Skaven fluff and saw they had a stronghold called Crookback Mountain... So here begins the journey of the 'Crookback Mountain Dodgers'....

I aim to get these done by next week, as i want to start on my next fad... Frostgrave!

Thanks for looking!