Saturday, 26 February 2011

Chaos Lord - Again! Sorry! But better pics, I need crit!

OK, your all probably sick of looking at this, but its the centre piece to the army and I want it perfect, or at least as perfect as I can get it.

I love the over sized banner, but if the overall census is that its stupid, I'll change it. I do want this model to be over the top, but not at the expense of it looking good or not. Oh and Dont worry my blogging be lessened this week while I glue the rest of the army up - I promise!

Im propping up the Jugga foot with some cork, it will be more on it's hind legs when I secure it.

Friday, 25 February 2011

Got Some New Paints - Andrea (and a Chaos Lord update)

Well, I have got myself some new paints and inks. As much as I love GW washes, they don't do everything I want them to do all the time. I wanted some old school proper inks and after fishing round the net I found some minaiture painters using Andrea inks. Couldn't seem to find anywhere that reviewed them, but I thought what the hey I'll give them a go. As I was googling I noticed they do sets that tackle certain colours. I saw the gold set and that is the exact gold coulour I want on my Khorne models, so i thought what the hey and got them as well!

If anyone has used this range have you got any advice or pointers, if not I will review once painting work has commenced.

In the Ink set you get:

Black ink
Brown Ink
Yellow Ink
Green Ink
Red Ink
Blue Ink

In the Gold you get

Dark Gold
Base Gold
White Gold
Chestnut Ink
Golden Yellow Ink
Black Ink (you can never have enough of this!)

My Chaos Lord - I still need to go around mold lines, flash and all that. Im pretty pleased, but Im not sure whether to add anything to the Jugga. The model is supposed to be over the top as I want an 80s metal cover art feel to this army... but I dont want to go silly. What do you think? Also please crit i dont mind if you dont like something, just say... I wont be offended.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Chaos Lord on Jugga! WIP

Okay I have given up with scenery completely now, I'll come back to it later in the year. I'm totally mojo'ed after the weekends frollicks at Warhammer World and I'm giving it my best shot to get nominated at the next tourny.

This is VERY WIP, Kit bashed a Jugga, parts from the CSM, Chaos Lord and FW zerker. Im going to try and GS a cloak of some kind after Tim bent my arm. Unfortunately that back pack is stuck fast so I think Im going to add it the back pack... not a really long one but soemthing to balance it out. Im also going to add a big banner to balance off the over sized gun. Hope you like.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Warhammer 40K Doubles, Nominated Armies and Winning Army

These are not my models, they are the winning armies I took pictures of at doubles I attended on Friday/Saturday/Sunday.  I thought the standard was really high and saw my bro and friends army get nominated (i didnt take any pics as I have seen that army so many times, but you can find loads of pics here and here ).

So wihout further a do here are the pics:

Winning Army: (I think this is possible one of the best armies I have ever seen!)

And the nominees (remember to check the link to my bro and friend's army at the top)

And thats it, Im determined to get a nominated army and I have 3 projects under way - two of which are all secret!

Monday, 21 February 2011

Warhammer 40K Doubles, Warhammer World!

Well Im back and I had a great time, the event was fantastic and really well organised. Gaming wise we suffered from some silly mistakes that could have maybe won us a couple of games, we ended up only winning one game, but tbh I was glad because it was my first experience of "that guy". They were running a Valk and Mech IG list. He was arguing with his team mate and missus because they lost there previous two games - to a point I think he could have cried. I walked away from the table as I couldnt stand listening to him barate his team mate.... any way he did a load of dodgy cheating stuff me and my teammate choose to ignore as we wanted to beat them anyway...  and he should have listened to his team mate as they would have won - oh the irony.... 

But yeah he thought he was winning by turn 5, as he killed over 1K of our stuff and we only 200pts, but he failed to notice a Buggy in the open and centre of the battlefield and a small squad of grots next to another objective... Instead he was determindly shooting our distracter unit that was on another objective but we always knew they would get shot off it! He of course did the obligatory shouting and whooping as he thought he was winning then we contested his objective with the buggy and won 2 nil with a buggy and grots basically! lol awesome... I think his teamate and friend had to try and calm him down his words "Im just venting"... idiot...

Other than that - awesome opponents and I met some really great people! Here are some pics! I'll upload best army and nominations later!

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Chaos Marine Update....

As you know Im trying really hard with these guys. Im still in the building process, its taking me a while because Im spending time getting the poses right. I like the CSM models as a whole, but its very easy to put them in non dynamic poses...

I really, really cannot stress how much fine detail is on the FW zerkers, there webiste doesent really pick it out.

Some more rines... still got a few more to do...

And thats it for now I have 40k Doubles at the weekend at Warhammer World which I cant wait for. I will post pics up as the standard of amry at this is amazing! 

Thanks for looking.