Monday, 21 February 2011

Warhammer 40K Doubles, Warhammer World!

Well Im back and I had a great time, the event was fantastic and really well organised. Gaming wise we suffered from some silly mistakes that could have maybe won us a couple of games, we ended up only winning one game, but tbh I was glad because it was my first experience of "that guy". They were running a Valk and Mech IG list. He was arguing with his team mate and missus because they lost there previous two games - to a point I think he could have cried. I walked away from the table as I couldnt stand listening to him barate his team mate.... any way he did a load of dodgy cheating stuff me and my teammate choose to ignore as we wanted to beat them anyway...  and he should have listened to his team mate as they would have won - oh the irony.... 

But yeah he thought he was winning by turn 5, as he killed over 1K of our stuff and we only 200pts, but he failed to notice a Buggy in the open and centre of the battlefield and a small squad of grots next to another objective... Instead he was determindly shooting our distracter unit that was on another objective but we always knew they would get shot off it! He of course did the obligatory shouting and whooping as he thought he was winning then we contested his objective with the buggy and won 2 nil with a buggy and grots basically! lol awesome... I think his teamate and friend had to try and calm him down his words "Im just venting"... idiot...

Other than that - awesome opponents and I met some really great people! Here are some pics! I'll upload best army and nominations later!


  1. There are some players out there who are so desperate to win, it changes their character totally. Its a shame you had to play against someone like that, but tbh I feel sorry for his partner, It would be much harder for him than anyone else. These idividuals are a shining example of what not to be like, and really helps remind me that the game should be played with one aim, that being to have fun, which is what a game is all about after all.

  2. Yeah his partner seemed like a nice enough sort, he must of had one hell of a headache by sunday evening!

    Didnt ruin the weekend at all, quite the opposite as it gave me and Drax a huge sense of pleasure watching him "vent" at the end. He was an idiot.

    When your not top 10/20 standard, you have to play for fun, I dont see the point otherwise. Not to say that your not playing to win - defo not we all love winning, but enjoy the losses as well. We got tonked in two games, but the opponents were really pleasant and to be honest you have to hand it to them for finding a tactic to beat your army... s'alls good. We had a nice big ork off in our last game that was a draw, that was really fun!

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  4. Insane Psychopath24 February 2011 at 14:15

    Was good to met you that the double Mart007. Insane Psychopath from the fourm here.

    Sorry to hear you had a game vs "that guy". Round 4 on day two we saw some people move terrain toward there table edge nothing on the other side, before there oppent shown up.
    Reported it to the refs as the funny thing was, they where on the table me & my team mate had fought on in Round 1 on day 1, so I had photos of the table set up before the move of terrain.

    If you have any photos of my Space Wolves could you e-mail me them?? Was very happy to get nominee for my Wolves.

    Guess I'll see you in the April or July Throne of Skulls event then.

  5. alright fella, I was having trouble getting to your cabinate as people were crowding, most of them came out wobbly!

    The best one is this one :(

    Desperate winners are lame... esp when your on the middle tables.

  6. Insane Psychopath25 February 2011 at 10:44


    I know what you mean. After setting up the armies & then the big line for launch. I barely got many photos of the army nominee's :(

    Great weekend. Just very very mob lol.

    But thanks for the photos there, good that someone finial got close up to show viking runes on the armour & on the purity seals :)