Monday, 7 February 2011

Snow Progress (sorry!)

Well some progress, I have built the landing pad and Fortress of Redemption. Really want to get cracking now as I need to still snow up the scenery. I am getting some masking frisk from Hobbycraft so I can airbrush some stencils designs on the bastions. Also I want to do some salt weathering. Also  I had an idea of making a new cheeky 1.5K Crimson Fist army for tounies... but lack funds...


  1. It's looking really good. It has come together well. You have no idea of how envious I am. I've got no room to set up a table at the moment in my studio flat. I'll pop in again when the stenciling and salt weathering is done. Congrats!

  2. Thanks, your GS'ing makes me hum with jealousy so thats fair!!

    Its good to have a space, but I recently started going to a new gaming club. I guess it'll just have to be one giant dia-rama!