Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Warhammer 40K Doubles, Nominated Armies and Winning Army

These are not my models, they are the winning armies I took pictures of at doubles I attended on Friday/Saturday/Sunday.  I thought the standard was really high and saw my bro and friends army get nominated (i didnt take any pics as I have seen that army so many times, but you can find loads of pics here and here ).

So wihout further a do here are the pics:

Winning Army: (I think this is possible one of the best armies I have ever seen!)

And the nominees (remember to check the link to my bro and friend's army at the top)

And thats it, Im determined to get a nominated army and I have 3 projects under way - two of which are all secret!


  1. Those Bad Moons are very nice, I remember facing those bikes 2 years ago at Doubles. But I have an issue with it winning best army (and the salamanders that were nominated as well) as clearly that is one persons army that has been painted by one person. It is not a doubles army; 2 peoples armies/forces combined, it is a singles army that someone else has helped to use on the weekend. A couple of years ago the GW events team stopped nominating such 'single' armies for the very reason that it is not 2 people who have painted it therefore not a 'true' doubles army. Bit disappointed that they have gone back on this decision as it could over time encourage people just to bring 1 pretty army and not try to collectively construct and paint a stunning force each.

    (does that make sense?)

  2. Alreet fella!

    It does, BUT, for my next doubles army my friend is doing the building and converting and I am painting... plus they are two completely different armies and because of that I think that would make it more a proper doubles army anyway. I dont know how you could police it officially. For me a best army is a best army regardless, I know Tim pointed out the same arguement.

  3. hello Mart,
    Thanks for the cool pictures of my moons and the nice comments about them.
    hello Neil,
    Sorry mate your comments are not entirely correct, yes the army is mine, it is also the only one I own. Jeff my partner at the doubles has an awesome Tau army, also the only one he owns. Im sure you can see the problem when it comes to doubles tournaments. On top of that I need to correct your assumption that it is one persons army, painted by one person its not, Jeff converted and painted the lootas admittedly for my army but then next year we are bringing his tau and I will be doing his kroot for him.
    as for playing those bikes, you may have seen the warboss mono wheel before but the rest of the mono wheels were made in the months before this doubles and amazingly most of that scratch building was done by jeff with me making only the painboy and painting the rest. Jeff worked bloody hard on my army to get it ready and did an amazing job of matching my painting/converting style so please dont insult his efforts and just talk to people in future at the time and you might find something out
    thanks Darren

  4. Personally I think the right army won. I think that's my point is that at doubles people plan armies way in advance so your going to use the best skills you can...

    Look forward to your Tau stuff!

  5. cheers mart,
    sorry about the rant! the 1st time i tried to post my knackered old pc decided to freeze up an i had to write it all out again but obviously in a mood so sorry to you an neil i think i could of made my point in a calmer fashion!
    Had a look at your ork stuff Mart its pucka especially the check work got any more pictures?

  6. Dont worry, Neil has thick skin he wont have taken it personally you both ranted! lol

    Im ashamed to say my checks are transfers weathered into the paint work. The army serves its purpose in that I can paint stuff quickly and looks pretty effective.

    I need to take some more pics, will do that I think as I have finished them for now.

    Going to put more effort in my minis, those shiny cabinates @ WW have inspired me!

  7. Thanks for the photos of my Space Wolves :) Good to see some close up off them, so people can finial see the viking rune's on the armour & some of the purity seal.

    Should have some brand new models for the April Throne of Skulls. Really happy with the wolves & how they done in tournaments with ELG Counter attack player chose, Stirling Wargaming 2nd player chose, Nov ToS nominee & now 40k doubles :) Must have done somthing right with my Space Wolves lol

  8. Its a bloody nice army thats why.

    I Should be heading to the Oct ToS next. I have the UK GT at Maestrom end of March which will be my last ork entry.

    Then Im taking 6 months to paint my CSM which will do the rounds for a year or two.

  9. Thanks Mart

    Really good to know other like my Space Wolves :) Only had one person complain about the dark colour, but everone else like the dark grey.

    Been really happy with the Wolves that Nov & 40k double now. The cabint add some extra cool factor to the armies (ex GW staffer moment kicking in here).
    Was happy when the event team said they where added after the talk they had with me & my round 1 oppent, as the light that Warhammer World are not the best & can effect the overall out look of a army if that make sence, a bit like... how the snow gaming tables are a death of a army. So cabint you have the day light bulb in there, it also protect your army a little bit.

    Darren, forgot to say well done on the Orks. They where really brillaint. Though I do not have orks (yet lol), your army has given me idea to try out on my own armies.
    All the armies where really great & it a honour being part of the nominee.
    Again well done.

  10. actually its funny you should mention dark armies as me and my band of nerds have been discussing how darker armies can get over looked when the public are voting.

    There was another grey army with the Lemon Imperial fists that I never noticed until I got home and looked at the snaps... it was like wow they are brilliant and I never noticed. I think its something to bare in mind if anyone wants to go the whole hog is to think about the shop window effect and adding wow factor to your army...

  11. Cheers space wolf,
    I have to say that on a different day anyone of those armies could have won and am still shocked we got it and I am so totally humbled by the compliments received from such talented painters such as yourselves, i think that the cabinets were awesome as they showed the armies off beautifully and i felt a lot better going for lunch with them behind glass rather then just on the table!I also feel we got really lucky with the shelf we got, it was just the right height. That awesome chaos army was on the bottom shelf an you had to get on your knees to see it properly.
    As for the 2x vendetta and stormraven army that army was sweet as! since being back my mate told me that the vendettas were painted inside too if this was the case im amazed they didnt leave one of them open so people could see the detail!

  12. The Vendettas are gorg, my bros army! they maybe should have I'll tell him!