Tuesday, 8 February 2011

My Planetary Empires Campaign is nearly ready...

This is the reason for slow snow progress, but I added the finishing touches last night and bar players picking there map piece positions its ready to go. We are starting it on the week of the 3rd of March as Im back from doubles...

I present...

The Khaleraaq Wars

Need to get on with hobby stuff now! I really do want to do Crimson Fists so I need to whistle through this scenery so I can get started.

I dont suppose anyone can link me to a decent Kantor list, I want to spend as little as pos on the army and pretty much want to buy an optimum list I can take to tournies. I dont like Drop Pods, thats my only specification.


  1. Nice pics mart, all this post needs now are some pics! ;)

  2. the link... click the link!!

  3. How come you don't like drop pods?
    I didn't like them until getting my rear handed to me a few times in various ways..... they can be brutal if used right.

  4. Well I have gone off the CF plan now after starting my CSM last night.. I'll post up my list later and things and you'll see why.

    I dont like the way they deploy... having to bring them in the first turn then piecemeal, your ok if your against a poor CC army so you can get in close... give me mech anytime of the week personally. Drax is a drop podder so he may think differently.