Saturday, 26 February 2011

Chaos Lord - Again! Sorry! But better pics, I need crit!

OK, your all probably sick of looking at this, but its the centre piece to the army and I want it perfect, or at least as perfect as I can get it.

I love the over sized banner, but if the overall census is that its stupid, I'll change it. I do want this model to be over the top, but not at the expense of it looking good or not. Oh and Dont worry my blogging be lessened this week while I glue the rest of the army up - I promise!

Im propping up the Jugga foot with some cork, it will be more on it's hind legs when I secure it.


  1. Defo keep the banner IMO. Makes for a good look, a lord who wants everyone to know he is in charge of his pretty little chaos rabble.
    Look forward to seeing this painted.

  2. Well I think you should cut the height of the banner by 50% then extend the length so its streaming out behind the lord by the wind. But thats just me, I like the rest of it tho and your idea of the jugger on its hind legs.

  3. Thanks guys...

    Hmm, streaming... like small pennants, now that is and idea. I wonder if I could use just paper so it looks all fluttery... need to think. I think I prefer that idea now!

  4. plasti card 0.5mm thick can be used m8, just cut it out then use hot water to shape

  5. Took the words out of my mouth Skalter.

  6. Seriously thanks guys, I have shortened the pole to roughly half, got rid of the banner and stuck a small skull on top of the pole.

    Will swing by hobby craft and get some plasticard this week and I'll bore with more pics of the model!

    Much happier about this now....

  7. I think the cape you put n there is good. It ties the backpack to the abdomen of the model and the model to the mount.

    W.R.T. the banner, personally I like the ostentatiousness of its size and look. It shows off the character of the model. Kind of like 'I am here, come challenge me if you dare'. But if you do reduce it, it will look more in proportion.

    As for the type of banner, I prefer this kind, the Japanese kind rather that the streaming one, but that is your choice to make. Both types will add to the drama of the piece and not take anything away. So go with the streaming one if it feels better.

  8. lol, I have hacked it off now, so will have to go for the Japanese type now.

    I think it is easier on the eye now I have shortened the pole, its still pretty long as it comes just above the skull spikes, so thanks for the crit guys, it has made the model better.

    I will post a pic when I have added the banners.

  9. aah sorry Nightrunner got confused, what I have is Japanese style

    which do look better smaller...

    Im going to give the fluttery ones a go as I ordered the plasticard now!