Thursday, 24 February 2011

Chaos Lord on Jugga! WIP

Okay I have given up with scenery completely now, I'll come back to it later in the year. I'm totally mojo'ed after the weekends frollicks at Warhammer World and I'm giving it my best shot to get nominated at the next tourny.

This is VERY WIP, Kit bashed a Jugga, parts from the CSM, Chaos Lord and FW zerker. Im going to try and GS a cloak of some kind after Tim bent my arm. Unfortunately that back pack is stuck fast so I think Im going to add it the back pack... not a really long one but soemthing to balance it out. Im also going to add a big banner to balance off the over sized gun. Hope you like.


  1. Great concept Mart. I especially like the way you have positioned him. It tells a story, but I would recommend a cape as your friend suggested. It would tie the piece together, especially from the thigh of the marine to the gun, which looks a bit undeveloped compared to the great backpack and the awesome gun.

  2. aah thanks for that, I have added a cape and banner, Ill update later. If you wouldn't mind giving your expert crit that would be much appreciated.