Friday, 25 February 2011

Got Some New Paints - Andrea (and a Chaos Lord update)

Well, I have got myself some new paints and inks. As much as I love GW washes, they don't do everything I want them to do all the time. I wanted some old school proper inks and after fishing round the net I found some minaiture painters using Andrea inks. Couldn't seem to find anywhere that reviewed them, but I thought what the hey I'll give them a go. As I was googling I noticed they do sets that tackle certain colours. I saw the gold set and that is the exact gold coulour I want on my Khorne models, so i thought what the hey and got them as well!

If anyone has used this range have you got any advice or pointers, if not I will review once painting work has commenced.

In the Ink set you get:

Black ink
Brown Ink
Yellow Ink
Green Ink
Red Ink
Blue Ink

In the Gold you get

Dark Gold
Base Gold
White Gold
Chestnut Ink
Golden Yellow Ink
Black Ink (you can never have enough of this!)

My Chaos Lord - I still need to go around mold lines, flash and all that. Im pretty pleased, but Im not sure whether to add anything to the Jugga. The model is supposed to be over the top as I want an 80s metal cover art feel to this army... but I dont want to go silly. What do you think? Also please crit i dont mind if you dont like something, just say... I wont be offended.


  1. not sure about the banner m8, could you put some more pics up of it? might just be the angle. But the rst of the model looks nice

  2. Do you think its to big? I could try ans fins a smaller one??