Monday, 4 April 2011

NAME A GAME - My work needs help!

This is non Warhammer related! Basically my work is branching out into the app world and has made a really cool game. The only problem is we are stuck on the name. We have narrowed it down to three and would really appreciate it if you could vote by following this link....


  1. How about Leukowars? Or something more simply like 'Cell defence'? What was the name that you picked but was taken?

  2. The name taken was Bacteria Bash... needs to be cartoony...

  3. 'Infection rejection'?
    'Health Quest'?

    ...its actually harder than it sounds is thinking up good names.....

    What constitutes a 'Cartoony' name? Pretty much anything can be a cartoon.

  4. lol, it is hard! Infection rejection is pretty good actually! Heath Quest is only good to the guys that "know" otherwise it sounds clinical...

    We have gone with Bac Attack so thanks for the votes!