Thursday, 16 June 2016

New Hobby Space!


After four months of house renovations we have finally finished. One of the jobs done was converting a really tiny en-suite we rarely used into a cupboard/walk in wardrobe space as we lacked storage. As I was filling the shelves I realised they were deep enough to make a desk and the Siege cupboard was born!

It has a fully interactive entertainment system, all the tools and gaming aids close to hand.

It also boasts a clothes rack so you can try on a party frock or blouse without even moving into another room, an opening window for those flatulent moments, an ironing board with iron...

...and the piece de resistance... Artwork at low level that scares children...

...Oh and a box of old trainers with a variety of ladies shoes, formal and non formal..

Fun times ahead! In all seriousness, this is great news for my hobbying as it means I have a dedicated space. Since moving to this house having to get everything and put everything away either in the loft or somewhere out sight has been a royal pain in the arse!

So lets hope I see an upturn in hobby activity!


  1. Nice one! Cant beat a good little man cave. It's when it starts to expand into other areas that the mrs starts to get upset... :)

    1. I have half filled the loft.... anymore expansions will not be tolerated!

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