Friday, 11 December 2015

Fighting my backlog head on!


I have slowly come to the realisation I have got a stupidly large backlog of unpainted models. Now I would say this year has been an expensive hobby year. Mainly down to having a load of new gaming friends and getting caught up in new projects spurred on by a pack of excitable hobbyists!

AOS boxed set
Floaty rocks (stuff already bought to make)
2 Realm gates
Ophidian Archway
Battle of Calth

Raven Guard:
tac squad
2x Vet boxes
2x Sternguard
3x Drop pods
2x Storm Ravens
FW Libby
FW Korvydae
Converted captain
10x sniper scouts with Elysian heads

4x Yoagats
4x Roduks
1x Zerat sniper
1x Suryat
1x Raktorak
5x Fusileers
Umbra Legates hacker
Neoterra starter set
Neoterra Bolt box
2x Armbots
Aquilla guard HMG
PanO starter
Akila HMG

Now I'm not setting a time limit, but I have put a stop on buying more stuff. I have been away from 40k long enough for it to feel new once I get onto the Raven Guard. The GW stuff is going to be done in blocks starting AoS this weekend. I think Ill tackle the Infinity models by painting in between the GW systems to break it up.

The dream is to be able to buy a pack of minis and only have that to paint!

Finished this guy off last night.. picture sucks and the Dulcote is still drying..

Thanks for looking!!


  1. That's a serious amount of models waiting to be painted. I thought I was bad. Gonna be a lot of Raven guard (if you paint them all as that chapter).

    1. Should be, i might paint the UM side of the Calth box as RG as well. I have had a shameful year of buying crap!

  2. Tut tut tut, no Frosrgrave mention and your missing out on Bolt Action :)
    Good luck with the painting m8

  3. I'm totally with Skally on the Bolt Action front. Your list is pretty small too, I've got all faith in you! you can do it!

    Nice to see you blogging again too mate, I may update my own just for you!

  4. Cheers ladies... Blogger is the balls... Even tho Skaltar is making insanely detailed terrain.. Bolt Action just doesent push my buttons! That list is big Shane!If you have a bigger one get it bloody done!

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