Monday, 7 December 2015

....aaannnd back to Infinity!


Sometimes it takes doing something different and coming back again to make you realise how good something is. On Saturday I played my good friend Rich at Infinity. As I have been playing lots of different systems over the last 6/7 months I think i have forgotten what its like to have a game of something where you know the rules fluently and you can actually enjoy the game from a more tactical perspective as opposed to flicking through the rules constantly working out whether you can do something or not. Combine that to a slick and eye wateringly good looking game like Infinity, you are sure to be in for a great afternoon of gaming!! I wasn't disappointed!

We played the mission antenna field that basically means you have to get your specialist models in b2b contact of the objectives at the end of each turn. Five in total 4 in a diamond shape with a main one in the middle.

Mistakes were made, one from me and one from Rich, i dropped a smoke on my anyat as an ARO from a second short skill unopposed, great... Except it was an Ms3 (can see through smoke!!) model so next order my object scoring model died and instead of drawing that turn i lost 2 points!

Next turn, Rich got his TO remote in action. Brand new and freshly painted in the morning... Well he found the joys of climbing plus got the remote in position for a free shot on my yoggy sniper that had been popping caps everywhere, but instead moved its second short skill into my TO remote and soggy hmg! No more aleph remote!

Really good game, i took out nearly all rich's force, but a clever use of orders on the last turn knocked my morat holding the centre objective off rendering him unconscious.... Just goes to show this game is not just about killing the opponent...

I think Ill be playing this game a lot more from now on as I honestly cant find a current game that gives me so much buzz!

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