Monday, 7 December 2015

Opening a Gaming Store - Update 4!


Double post today... I feel like I didn't really put a final post up about on the Opening a Gaming a Store series I made. Once I actually opened I pretty much just moved over to facebook where I effectively ran the social media side of things.

Let me start off by saying I found the whole experience very challenging and one that if I could have kept going I would have. Being the owner of the property already, this was really only more of a lets see where it takes me as the shop was on the market. I basically wanted to make the place look tidy and have all the space used up. But also to actually see if there was an actual community in the local area! The nice thing is I bumped into a club that was run in my town I didnt even know about! 'The Yorkshire Renengades'. The founding member Rich Goss and I managed to use Siege and the renegades to build a flourishing and great community that both benefited Siege and The Renegades. We organised regular events for specific gaming or hobbying workshops that were always sold out. In fact I can safely say the only time the place wasent busy was about the first month, the rest of the time it was a busy hive of gaming! Great!

I have added some pics of the place in action.. RIP Siege Tabletop! Great times!! Thank you all!


  1. I was wondering if you could provide an after action report for your experiences opening a store? I know you posted that it was a success since you sold the building, but was it a success as a store? Charging for table time is a bit of a boogy man out here in the states, but I think your tables were much much better than average. Did that part of the business plan work? I apologize for being nosey. It is just an excellent opportunity for those of us thinking about following in your footsteps.


    1. I was going to write a lengthy reply, but I think I will post it up in another post later today! Cheers, dont worry not being nosey at all!

    2. Thank you very much. There are so few examples out there of what works from the game store perspective. I look forward to the read.

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