Thursday, 3 December 2015

Man O War? Ffs..


This is a slightly frustrated update... But also to point out what a really good night of gaming i had with three of my friends last night. I have a group of vet gamer's now of varying ages and last night Zak was hosting.... A vet of my era... Well maybe a couple more years on me.. ;) Anyway, he is from an era of bright models, spec games, proper metal and rock and an ex staffer to boot. Oh and he still has all his models and games from the 90s... Every gamer needs a Zak..

Now back in my spotty teens, my brother and I bought into all the gw games 40k, Space Marine (epic), Warhammer Quest, Hero Quest, Necromunda, Blood Bowl, Space Hulk, Gorka Morka and Man 0 War... Man 0 War... Ahhhh that game made me and my bro repaint our green gaming board pacific blue... This game barely gets mentioned in GW nostalgia, but i can safely say this is the best wargame I have played, its got everything. Simple rules set out on cards (granted large cards.. But that can be rectified!) template movement and cornering, simple shooting template with modifier.... Starting to sound familiar? 'Cough Xwing' GW are sat on a system that could be just as slick AND collectable! That's why I'm frustrated as i really think this is what gw were good at. These are the games my friends played all the time... Not a thousands of pounds worth of hundreds of models on either side.. Just great models, easy to paint and slick rules that don't take themselves to seriously and dare I say even not consider complete balance?

Anyway, the game was between Dark Elves allied with Orks verses Empire and Dwarves. Many laughs... I controlled the Dark Elves with Rich on Orks... We managed to magic the wind against our enemies in the 1st turn which totally messed the Empire up... But after much carnage and a point where we thought we were in top! The dwarves and Empire turned it around... The boarding mechanic is awesome and we did plenty of that! Oh and it was best not to think to hard about how much money these rare models are worth you're handling nowadays... Great game and great paint jobs hope we do that again soon!

Oh just to add, the latest Dreadfleet game is nothing like this, if you get chance to play Man 0 War... Do not hesitate!

Im probably just wearing thick rose tints...

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