Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Making Your Own GW Washes

I saw a blog/forum tut a while back about using this Windsor and Newton Matt Medium to make your own washes out your GW paints. I decided I'm going to give it a blast, cant find the original article but from early testing you need to thin your GW paint with a bit of water and then double that with the medium, worked pretty well. The key is finding the right mixes as this stuff makes your paint more opaque so with a bit of trial and error i should be able to get some nice effects....

I never showed my WIPs on my Khorne LR, not even nearly done at all, but I was pretty pleased with how the FW brass etchings turned out. I had to use old school brown ink as the washes are a bit thick and to opaque if you water them down. I also used the last of my brazen brass not knowing GW had discontinued it, so not sure how my other brass etchings are going to come out!

Again its a million miles off being finished, I want this Khorne army to be my pinnacle paint job army... only trouble is I have seen those shiny new DE minis.. so these may have to back burner for a bit longer!


  1. Good advice. Your blog chokes Firefox something fierce though.

  2. aah, ok thanks, can anyone let me know if they are having issues - I run a Mac on Safari and Firefox but not having an issue. Damn computers!!

  3. I run explorer and my PC sucks but this site runs fine for me.

    I'm glad I've seen how the brass diddely-bobs look on a model. I've been woundering if the detail was deep enough to get a nice finish. Have you had any problems with the brass bits as they look like they can bend real easy and not go back into shape?

    Also the Raider is looking awesome.

  4. Put it this way they are not for the faint hearted. The detail is very shallow, I actually masked them off after a light undercoat as I didnt want to risk losing any detail - even from airbrushing.

    Application is hard also - you need some modelling tweezers and a VERY steady hand. Your gluing them on with super glue so you dont have any second chances and about a millisecond to re adjust.

    Practice your flight path with it a few times and mark with a pencil any land marks to help line it up. Apart from that they are great!

  5. oh and put a small blob of super glue in the center and try and break the surface tension as your applying... I got excess on one which is hard to hide and get rid of...

  6. Just a suggestion for your lack of Brazen Brass.

    Privateer Press (Warmachine) makes a 'Brass Balls' colour that might be acceptable!

  7. aah thanks, the Dwarf bronze is a bit cold in colour so I'll check that out out. Not used PP paints yet so will be interesting.