Monday, 27 January 2014

Corking Base!

OK, Been busy, 

I'm totally hobbying out at the mo much to my family's amusement. Anyway, working on some tacticals. I have prepped the bases with cork (nibbled with nippers to make them more rock like) and filled the gaps with this stuff I found in my sock drawer last week. Basing gel. I bought it a few years back not sure from where but it saved me using pva and sand.

I primered the squad in storm conditions on Saturday (nothing gets in the way of a nerd and his models - nothing...) and got a bloody grainy effect, should have known better. Its not to bad, but its not ideal.

Finished my first three models hope you like them.

ok, only kidding  they are grey scaled ready to be painted in thin layers of black to aid blending, works pretty well. You dont need to work the dark grey into the cracks and crevises, the thin black will look after that. I will then pick out details with a light highlight. 

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