Tuesday, 14 January 2014

I present Corvane Valar - Shadow Captain of 5th Company, Raven Guard

I have been busy with this guy. Basically i saw The Lord Executioner model and thought he would make an awesome lightening claw captain. My list uses Korvydae, but once I had the idea I had to build it! He is a counts as Shrike for my 5th company. There is no way I would use The Gw model, it's horrible! 

The torso is The Lord executioner, had a worry when it arrived as shoulders and arms are part of the model, but they come away easily and don't damage the model to much. That's a good thing about fine cast, if it was metal, I'm not sure I would have done it. The downside to fine cast it need a lot of tidying! It's my first experience if the stuff and am left unsure if I like it or not!

The base is still rough, the head is pinned not glued yet, and the jump pack is blu traced. Oh, yeah, the shoulder pads are the FW ravenguard ones, the lightening claws are from the new vets, the head is from the FW ravenguard upgrade and the jump pack is a Korvydae one. Pic...


Oh I'm still working on the tacticals, but I have some shiny resin stuff still to build!

Some more posts soon... 


  1. Looking good m8, bout time you got yr arse in gear. Looking forward to some more pic in the future