Monday, 3 January 2011

Big Mek Painted! (Base to do...)

Finally got the motivation to finish this guy, I'm really sick of painting Orks now - but I had to get him finished for gaming/tourny purposes. If Im honest the conversion was a bit rushed and I dont love it. I'm pleased with the glow effect and I have used my new Vallejo florescent colours. I also used my matt medium to make washes which was great. So the paint job although not 100% on my part - I'm pretty pleased with it.


  1. Grats Mart,

    I do like the glow effects on the lens, very nicely done m8.

  2. I like the glow eefect on his one eye, but all the lenses up top seems a bit much to me.

    Overall though, I'd say he looks great and I like the conversion work on the model. Is there any more you're going to do to his base?

    Ron, From the Warp

  3. I will be at the club on Wed night with the DE, tho no where near finished, I NEED to start playing with them to get a feel for how they will play/ fight.
    If your available on Wed how about bringing down your orks for a game?

  4. Alright I suppose ;)

    My only issues that he doesn't look quite mek like enough.

  5. @skaltar - Weds is fine 1.5k?

    Thanks for the comments - if I'm honest, I dont care about this model to much - I just needed it painting. The base is going to be flocked and pretty standard - I need two KFF Big Meks for tournies and I'm pretty sick of painting orks now, so he's a botch job.

    The glow effect is prolly to much up top, but I had shiny new paints - I kinda wanted to test them out.

    I have some new and more exciting stuf coming up - esp on the base department!

  6. Really nice piece there. Congats.