Monday, 17 January 2011

Planetary Empires... but in digital format...

I have a Planetary Empires kicking about with the hive city tile etc. But it occurred to me, it would be a lot easier to run in a digital format. I have made this map and Im going to give it a go at my local club (Hulls Angels). Need to work on the back story and whatnot, but I thought keep it simple for now and set it on a mining world. Has anyone run one of these things? If so do you have any pointers?


  1. Never run one myself, but a damn good idea m8. Especially if everyone envolved in the campaign can access it online and see whats happening during the week.
    Maybe a mining team descovered an ancient STC, everyone else is rushing to claim it.
    Like you said keeping it simple. At least this way players can see whats happening and arrange games on the internet without always going into the club and missing the guy they wanna play.

    Again a good idea m8, well done on the map look good.

  2. Great, then I guess your in!

    Im looking for around 5 - 6 players that can play on Weds and thurs nights...

  3. Im in, never played Plantary Empires so you will have to explain, how does DE work in this? As they dont really go for capturing tiles. If this is a problem I will just bring my Nids along.
    BTW if you hav'nt already done so I would advertise this on the Club page m8.

  4. I think they should be fine, they can capture the tiles - but would find some explanation for it Im sure.

    So you want in with a preference of DE... cool

    Not sure when I can start this up, but i will make a blogspot site with the rules or do a print out for the club - which might be better actually..

  5. i'll be using my Vanilla Marines but obviously I am in

  6. The digital format is a great idea. I shall have to give it a go!